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Holiday Island – British comedy drama about typical British holidaymakers

British comedy drama


Holiday Island – a British comedy drama, is set in a typical if superior quality holiday hotel in a popular tourist resort, such as Tenerife. A group of newly arrived holiday-makers are just convening in the lobby. They are kitted-out in predictably loud holiday apparel, starting out as a pretty anonymous-looking bunch. As they check-in however, slowly getting to know each other and going about the business of enjoying their holidays, we detect the emergence of their true characters. The cultural and social aspects of their lives though interesting, are not nearly as captivating as their psychological depths. A poignant, yet funny British comedy drama that shows people as they really are when they are away from the comfort of home.

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St. John’s Players – Cambridgeshire, UK – 2016
Bright Lights Theatre Company, East Sussex, UK – 2017

Author: Paul Symonloe

Genre: Poignant British comedy drama

Type: Three act comedy

Cast: 17-20, 9M 8-11F, 3 are children 1 boy 2 girls

Ages of the actors: Cast of adults and some children

Suitable for: Suitable for All ages

Length: Two hours to two and a half hours long

Set:  Various: The reception of the Sol Beach 4 star luxury hotel, the tiny tots pool, the restaurant, Jungle Jims playground

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – many characters with many different interactions

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