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Guilty Party – Whodunit Three Act Farce


You are cordially invited to a murder at Dr. Phil Fein’s early retirement party. There will be juicy gossip, backbiting insults, personal threats and a corpse.

In this comedic 3-act farce, five guests hide deadly secrets.  One of them hides a murder weapon. Who is guilty?  Could it be Joe,  the social climbing public relations director or Sal Monella, director of food services?  There’s Royalty too and she’s acting suspiciously.  How about the nurse’s aid, who’s just a little too stupid?  Or the cardiac surgeon who isn’t as clever as she thinks she is?  A funny whodunit three act farce script for five people.

Read about playwright Scott Doss.

Production History

Mount Cotton Drama Group, Queensland, Australia – 2016
St Columba College, Southern Australia, Australia – 2019
Beadle County Players – SD, USA – 2020
Department of Foreign languages and literature in National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan – 2020
El Reno Community Theatre, OK, USA – 2021
Coventry High School, CT, USA – 2022

Author: Scott Doss

Genre: Comedy, Murder Mystery

Type: Three-act farce

Number of  Actors: 1M, 4F

Ages of the actors: All adult

Length: 1-1½ hours with 2 intermissions

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The hospitality room of a medical emergency center.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – a fast-paced mystery farce that revolves around a murder. (For comic effect, male actors may portray all the characters.)

Read a Sample of the Script

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The Faun – a drama play about Michelangelo

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In this drama play about Michelangelo, the young Michelangelo, who is a bit of an unwashed misfit, is given one month to make progress at his art school, or his father will remove him from the school and make him an apprentice at the wool guild. Michelangelo is desperate to remain at the school and so he begins to carve discarded pieces of marble in secret. When the ruler of Florence, Lorenzo de Medici takes an interest in him, he shows him his newest acquisition, a carved statue of a faun. Michelangelo discovers that he can hear the faun, who inspires him to create a great statue out of the marble, which changes his life forever.

Read more about playwright Gilbert Sarabia.

Author: Gilbert Sarabia

Genre: Alternative historical drama

Type: Full length two-act drama play

Length: 100 minutes, one hundred minutes

Number of Actors:Twenty one, 21, 13M, 8F

Ages of actors: Teens to elderly

Suitable For: All ages

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – bringing the characters to life

Set: There are three basic scenes – one, the sculpture garden; two – the dining room in Michelangelo’s home and three – Lorenzo’s study.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new play

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Copyright September 2013 Gilbert Sarabia and Off The Wall Plays

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