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The Mistress of Wholesome – one act comedy script where ‘Mistress’ takes on ‘Wife’

one act comedy script

THE MISTRESS OF WHOLESOME – a one act comedy script where ‘mistress’ takes on ‘wife.’

In this one act comedy script,  Gwen, ‘the mistress’ surprises Margaret, ‘the wife’ of Leland, a prominent cardiologist in their home and holds her hostage using an antique musket. According to Gwen, Leland has now fallen back in love with Margaret as the couple has gotten closer in their efforts to adopt a baby.  Gwen is naturally ‘very put out’ by this and  wants Margaret to convince Leland to fall back in love with his mistress so that things can be the same as they were for the past few years.  Margaret, who is desperate for a baby sees Leland playing ‘the good and attentive husband’ as the only way that she will ever manage to adopt a child and naturally refuses.

Things get even more complicated in this one act comedy script when a lady from the adoption agency arrives to interview Leland and Margaret and to screen them as potential parents. When it turns out that Leland is actually locked in the trunk of Gwen’s car across town, the two women must act fast to salvage a situation that is going downhill at a rate of knots!

The Mistress of Wholesome has been staged at the Little Theatre of Alexandria and at Under St. Marks in New York City. Read about playwright Jacob Appel

Further Production History

Dama Asia Productions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2016
The Actor’s Studio Drama School – NY, USA – 2017
Holy Rosary School, Edenvale, South Africa – 2018
Notre Dame de Namur university Department of Theatre and Dance, CA, USA – 2018
Thespian Muse, Lagos, Nigeria – 2018
Lagos Theatre Festival, Lagos, Nigeria – 2019
The Sevenoaks Players, Kent, UK – 2020Schauspielgruppe des Anglistischen Seminars, Heidelberg, Germany – 2022
Celestial Theatre Co, Queensland, Australia – 2022
Lake County School District #7, OR, USA – 2023
Manjimup Repertory Club, WA, Australia – 2023


Author:  Jacob Appel

Type: One Act Play

Genre: Dry character driven one act comedy script

Length: Approximately 60 minutes

Number of Actors:  3F, three women

Ages of actors:   20’s – 40’s – the two main characters are in their late thirties and the social worker is in her 20’s.

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – character driven comedy – both the main characters are hardened women with very dry tongues and it is the way the lines are delivered that makes this play so funny.

Set:  The entire play takes place on the lower story of Margaret & Leland’s upscale condominium/townhouse: a living room with attached kitchenette. Sliding glass doors run along the back wall of the condo, opening onto a spacious patio; while most of the patio cannot be seen, one might consider placing a few potted plants behind the glass to remind the audience of what lies beyond. A front door opens at stage right. The living room is furnished in the modernist style (sofa, coffee table, Barcelona chairs, end table with lamp and telephone), but the space appears cold and austere, with few personal effects. In a corner of the living room, a framed painting conceals a wall safe; alternatively, a free-standing safe is visible. The kitchenette appears immaculately clean and well-ordered, as pristine as a model kitchen in a showroom.

Read a Sample of the Script


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Copyright February 2013 Jacob Appel and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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