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It’s clearly a very busy day at the local veterinarian’s office. The secretary is hot on the trail of Bagels, when Mrs Jones, her husband and her cat come in. It’s an emergency as Fluffy is being suffocated by his own fur!

This skit has been written by a younger teen and is meant for kids and younger teens. Great for scouts, brownies and church groups.

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Author: Josie Wert

Type: Short one page long skit

Genre: Vet skit, comedy, skits or sketches

Cast: Cast of four, 1M, 1F, 2N

Ages of the actors: Kids up

Suitable for: All ages to perform and to watch

Length: Very short skit. 1 page long only, maximum length 1-2 minutes

Set: The reception area in the vet’s office.

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – short, fun and easy skit for children and teens.

Read a Sample of The Script

Cost is $3.50 for this new very short digital skit

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Copyright © April 2019 Josie Wert and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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By Faith – Christian Skits

Christian skits


A short Christian skit about having faith and what having faith means. A young man who doesn’t believe in any God meets a pastor on the road who demonstrates to him what Faith is and what it means.

A short one and a half page skit suitable for Bible study groups, Sunday school and other Christian church groups.


Port Lincoln High School, Australia – 2020


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Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short Christian skits

Genre: Comedy skit or sketch, specifically Christian

Cast: 2M, two males but could easily be played by either sex

Ages of the actors: Kids up

Suitable for: Kids up

Length: 1 and a half minutes

Set: Black box stage – it’s meant to be a road or sidewalk

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – easy short skit.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4 for this short Christian digital skit

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about By Faith

Copyright © March 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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