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The Right Approach – ten minute comedy for three actors about a brothel

comedy for three actors


In this ten minute comedy for three actors, young Eve, who has been working in the same position for the past few years (mostly on her back, but some clients do like a bit of variety) plucks up courage and asks for a promotion from her boss. The only thing is, Eve feels that she hasn’t been challenged at all in her current position and is looking for an opportunity to prove she’s worth the promotion.

Enter Eve’s latest customer, who swears he isn’t going to pay because….he just wasn’t satisfied!! Although Eve finds this hard to swallow, she hardens her resolve, puts her head down and insists that he pay his dues. When her boss threatens to call the police and her now confessed dead broke client bursts into tears, it’s up to Eve to come up with a solution for everybody.

A fun comedy that alludes to what the nature of the business is without ever saying so in so many words.


University of Montana Western, MT, USA – 2022

Read about playwright George Freek.  Other plays – Lovely to Look at – comedy about community theatre by George

Author: George Freek

Type: Ten minute comedy for three actors

Genre: Comedy, one act, ten minute plays

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 2F, 1M

Ages of the actors: One in her twenties, two older

Suitable for: Adults only

Set: A pleasant, tastefully decorated waiting room

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – simple script, fun parts for three strong actors

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Why shoot your husband? – ten minute drama scripts

ten minute drama scripts


In this ten minute surreal drama, which is divided into six acts or scenes, Marjorie Phillips is seemingly being interrogated for shooting her husband. We know that she writes plays, and that on the night in question she was submitting her taxes. We also know that he husband was shot through the windscreen of his car and there was a bullet hole in the kitchen window. But did she do it, or are things not what they seem to be…

Other plays by author James Kent. More about playwright James Kent.


Drama Tech Theatre (Part of Georgia Institute of Technology), GA, USA – 2020


Author: James Kent

Genre: Ten minute drama scripts

Type: Surreal drama, six act play in ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: All adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: Variable – six quick scene changes from an area where someone is being interrogated to a black stage to a bedroom.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – surreal play that starts out as a crime drama

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