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Questions – ten minute drama for three actresses

ten minute drama for three actresses


In Questions, a ten minute drama for three actresses, Nina has a confession to make to her ‘friend’ Sandra, initially, and Rosie (who is not much of a friend either) as well. If she were honest to herself Nina would conclude two things, the first being: that she has a problem being honest and secondly: that her life is a bit of
a mess. In one hand are the lies and in the other is the mess she’s created with the lies. When both hands have her tied up, the only option she has left is to declare their contents… two days ago.

Well, the brunette stole the blonde’s man and killed him.


Loudoun County High School, VA, USA – 2019

Read about playwright Keith Passmore. Other short dramas – The Box by Keith.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Drama

Type: One act play, Ten minute drama for three actresses

Cast: 3F

Ages of the actors: Late thirties

Suitable for: Adults (both to perform and to watch as has some language in it)

Length: Ten minutes, dinner theatre

Set: The living room of a normal flat/house

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – ability to act

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Benny and Boris – Ten minute poignant comedy for seniors

ten minute poignant comedy


A park bench on a summer day: this is where we find two old friends Benny & Boris, shooting the breeze over their weekly card game.  But today, the usual lighthearted shmoozing evolves into something deeper…

During their usual routine of playing cards and reading the obituaries, a deeply disturbing personal issue is revealed and Benny & Boris find their friendship put to the test.
Throughout this heartwarming, humorous one-act play, Benny & Boris discover that while the people closest to you sometimes let you down, family can be found in the most unexpected places.
Award-winning playwright Morley Shulman provides a fresh perspective on love & friendship, life & death, aging, and what family really means.

A ten minute poignant comedy with some great funny lines that deals with the sensitive subject of growing older and being best friends.

Benny & Boris took first place in the judged portion of the Paw Paw Village Players One Act Festival.
In addition, it also took home the People’s Choice Award as voted on by the audience as their favourite play.


Theatre Saskatchewan, SK,  Canada – 2018
Gatewood School at region literary competition, GA, USA – 2019
Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO, USA – 2019
The Belfast Maskers, ME, USA – 2020

Read about playwright Morley Shulman. Other plays – Hang ups! A musical about the office by Morley

Author: Morley Shulman

Genre: Ten minute poignant comedy

Type: Ten minute plays, one act play scripts

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 2M

Age of the actors: Seventy plus

Suitable for: All ages to watch(PG language younger kids) Adults up to perform.

Set: A park bench

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – sharp quick lines to bounce off the other actors

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Cuckold – ten minute period play script

ten minute period play script


In eighteenth century England, CUCKOLD is a scandalous romp that surrounds a playwright, his muse, and her hapless husband.

One flew over the cuckold’s nest. He flew over, was seen by the Cuckold and invited to enjoy the most prized piece of his household for the sanctity of the creative pursuit. In Cuckold  we are given an opportunity to observe a one of a kind domestic ‘agreement’. Simply put, the Cuckold agrees to his wife’s adultery as it aids in the flow of a certain playwright’s artistic, uh, juices in this ten minute period play script.

Pray take heed; the lady knows not what she does. Yet… the Cuckold and the playwright have been brought together for some or other plight. By surety, anonymity, complacency and zero propriety can art be well made and when sealed with a kiss, oh, the possibilities are endless…even when the kiss is shared by the unlikeliest pair!

This short was runner-up at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s One Act Competition.

Author: Wesley Taylor

Genre: Saucy ten minute period play script!

Type: Ten minute play, one act play

Cast: 2M, 1F

Length: Ten minutes

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adult only – sex.

Set: The bedroom of a poet, with a writing desk

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the language  of eighteenth century England correct

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Copyright © October 2016 Wesley Taylor and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Ship Has Sailed – ten minute drama script

ten minute drama script


In this ten minute drama script for 1M and 1F, Josh finally gets a bit drunk and plucks up the courage to ask Sophie to stay for a drink after the pub is closed. Unfortunately for him it’s all a case of too little and too late. Over the years he has let Sophie down over and over again and now she’s found somebody else.

A nice easy drama for two actors (1m and 1f) with minimal set for the actors to get their teeth into. Ideal for short drama festivals.

Author: Davina Coulthard

Genre: Ten minute drama

Type: Ten minute plays

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: From their twenties to their forties

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A typical pub feel can easily  be achieved with a table, a cloth and a few glasses.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – an easy dramatic piece for two actors

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