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Frederick J. Prescott – one act comedy about a funeral home

comedy about a funeral home


Frederick J. Prescott has just died and three of the women who worked with him some years back are there at the funeral home to mourn him. It’s all going quite smoothly. Michael, the funeral home assistant has it all under control and the viewing of the deceased in his open coffin (as requested) has begun.

Everyone is doing what they should be – the women are drinking tea and speaking about Frederick, and Michael is hovering anxiously on the sidelines. Yes, everyone is doing that they should be…. Except Frederick. And nobody has any idea what on earth he’s doing. And where the weird noises are coming from in this comedy about a funeral home.

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Author: Randall Davis Barfield

Type: Ten minute slapstick comedy, one act slapstick comedy

Genre: Comedy about a Funeral Home

Cast: 3F 1M

Ages of the actors: The 3F are in their fifties or sixties. The M is young, in his twenties.

Suitable for: Teens and up – mild references to body parts

Length: Ten Minutes

Set: The funeral home in charge of the arrangements. Frederick lies in his open coffin in one of the viewing rooms. Seven or eight chairs are arranged in the room but not so near the coffin. Also, there are lovely flowers tastefully placed here and there in the room. There’s a visitor’s book on a stand. A small table is placed near one of the walls. There is a tall candle holder (with candle) placed near the coffin.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – descriptive reactive acting. Conveying humour without being crass.

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Sticky – ten minute farcical comedy

ten minute farcical comedy


In this ten minute farcical comedy, Phil is cheating on his wife with a gorgeous blonde who he is meeting in a local restaurant. He has also just gotten a big promotion at work, which may be due to the fact that his wife is also the boss’s daughter. When Phil goes over to greet a work colleague, Jim (who is out with his own wife celebrating their anniversary) before meeting his yummy blonde and the boss walks in, Phil has to improvise, and fast. So he chooses the traditional route. Under the table.

Sticky was chosen as one of eight plays to be produced at the King’s Short festival of One act plays in Nova Scotia on June 16, 17 and 18 2017.

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Author: Jean Blasiar

Type: One act play, ten minute plays

Genre: Ten minute farcical comedy

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: Spoken parts: Four 2M 2F. Non spoken parts can include waiters who carry the table, the boss, his wife and the blonde, and other diners, but at the director’s discretion.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch, adults to perform.

Set: A restaurant. Minimum: One small table with white tablecloth to the floor, two chairs.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – fun easy play for the actors and the audience.

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Benny and Boris – Ten minute poignant comedy for seniors

ten minute poignant comedy


A park bench on a summer day: this is where we find two old friends Benny & Boris, shooting the breeze over their weekly card game.  But today, the usual lighthearted shmoozing evolves into something deeper…

During their usual routine of playing cards and reading the obituaries, a deeply disturbing personal issue is revealed and Benny & Boris find their friendship put to the test.
Throughout this heartwarming, humorous one-act play, Benny & Boris discover that while the people closest to you sometimes let you down, family can be found in the most unexpected places.
Award-winning playwright Morley Shulman provides a fresh perspective on love & friendship, life & death, aging, and what family really means.

A ten minute poignant comedy with some great funny lines that deals with the sensitive subject of growing older and being best friends.

Benny & Boris took first place in the judged portion of the Paw Paw Village Players One Act Festival.
In addition, it also took home the People’s Choice Award as voted on by the audience as their favourite play.


Theatre Saskatchewan, SK,  Canada – 2018
Gatewood School at region literary competition, GA, USA – 2019
Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO, USA – 2019
The Belfast Maskers, ME, USA – 2020

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Author: Morley Shulman

Genre: Ten minute poignant comedy

Type: Ten minute plays, one act play scripts

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 2M

Age of the actors: Seventy plus

Suitable for: All ages to watch(PG language younger kids) Adults up to perform.

Set: A park bench

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – sharp quick lines to bounce off the other actors

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