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Ratboy – failed superhero comedy script

failed superhero comedy script


Meet Ratboy – a superhero who absolutely sucks at what he does. Since the age of eight, he began to understand what the rats were saying to him and decided then and there to use his powers for good and save the world. Unfortunately things haven’t quite panned out the way he planned. He’s currently involved in a lawsuit involving a little old lady and her purse, which he removed from her so called assailant, who turned out to be her husband.

His life blows. He’s overweight, in his forties and dresses as a rat. Now he’s in therapy. But will that actually help him? We’ll find out in this failed superhero comedy script.


Oast Theatre, Kent, UK – 2019
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Author: James Hanson

Type: Ten minute play

Genre: Failed superhero comedy script

Cast: 2M (or 1M 1F)

Ages of the actors: One in his forties, one adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Ten minutes

Set: A psychologist’s office

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – thus type of comedy can be difficult to pull off because you end up feeling sorry for the main character which can easily get depressing, rather than funny. It’s a fine line.

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Luke Warm – a bizarre one act “superhero beats villain” comedy script

superhero comedy script



In this superhero comedy script,  Luke Warm (Crime Fighting Machine) and his non-gender-specific sidekick (Mike
Alpha November), have been tasked with thwarting the diabolical villain Canto Knees, and his non-gender-specific sidekick (Vanilla Sheik), before they destroy the southern hemisphere with a giant laser cannon. They are assisted by Little Miss Buffet
(Private Dick), a black sidekick housekeeper (Mavis), and an Extra. Featuring Russians, cuckoo clocks and a speech impediment, Luke Warm will make your nose bleed in this superhero comedy script.

Author:Brett Baxter

Characters: 2M, 2F, 2N, 1 extra

Genre: Superhero comedy script

Length: 25 Minutes

Ages of Performers: Twenties Up

Suitable For: PG advised – contains some offensive content

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – getting stereotyping correct

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Price: $7.50 for this digital play script

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