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A Tale of Two balconies – modern Romeo and Juliet comedy

modern Romeo and Juliet comedy


Sorry, love, the old Romeo can’t come to the phone right now – he’s too busy thinking of the paths to his beloved’s (Juliet’s) heart …but the new Romeo can come to the phone, in fact he’s glued to it ‘cause the hot Juliet, is on the other line. In A Tale of Two Balconies, modern Romeo/Juliet and Shakespearean Juliet/Romeo share with us the agony of love in a one act comedy that boldly puts the ‘crossed’ in ‘star-crossed’ as the two couples intertwine in a quirky retelling of the dramatic classic. The differences between modern-day flirting and the courtships of yesteryear are explored in the most comical yet thought-provoking way and in an illuminating style, the whims and wild imaginings of teenagers are studied. It wouldn’t be ‘Romeo and Juliet’ without the element of disaster we’ve come to associate with the romance and when the Romeo and Juliet pairs cross paths, hilarious consequences arise leading to the conclusion that boys will be boys and are indeed from Mars and girls? Well, we all know (or don’t know) about them in this modern Romeo and Juliet comedy.

Tis awesome to feel the fluttering’s that arise from the passions of the heart!


North Haven High School, CT, USA – 2018
Geneseo Community Players, NY, USA – 2019
Green Run High School, VA, USA – 2019
Visitation Academy, MO, USA – 2019
Westville Theatre, KZN, South Africa – 2020
Table View High School, Cape Town, South Africa – 2020
Hagerman High School, ID, USA – 2021
Mimic Stage School, Hertfordhire, UK – 2021
Wesleyan School, GA, USA – 2021
Wasatch High School, UT, USA – 2021
Ferris High School Theatre Arts, WA, USA – 2022
Canberra Girls Grammar, ACT, Australia – 2022
North Catholic HS, PA, USA – 2022
Kadoka Area School District, SD, USA – 2022

Author: Kate Cosette

Type: One act Comedy

Genre: Modern Romeo and Juliet Comedy

Length: Twenty five minutes

Cast: 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: Teenagers

Suitable for: Teens up to perform and to watch

Set: Scene opens on stage split in two: present in both scenes is a balcony. Modern and medieval Juliets both stand on their respective balconies

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy but fun piece that points fun at both modern and medieval ways.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © November 2017 Kate Cosette

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A Mayor for Dixie – comedy about running for mayor

comedy about running for mayor


Mr Pope will do just about anything to become Mayor of Dixie. And why not? He’s always had plenty of money, so a large expensive campaign will do the trick. He’s also always gotten exactly what he wants from life and this time, it’s his opponent’s wife, who is feeding him covert information, as well as, um…other things. The thing is, although he has a sixty percent majority, he can’t help being just a teeny bit concerned that his opponent, Mr Crance may just beat him, by being just the bleeding hearted sucker that the public loves in this one act comedy about running for mayor.

He has just a bit of scandal about the very same Mr Crance, which just might tip the odds in his favour…

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Author: Landen Swain

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy, political comedy about running for mayor

Cast: Cast of ten. 5M, 5F.

Ages of the actors: All adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Forty minutes

Set: Two candidate campaign offices, separated by a wall, on the right is CRANCE’s office, on left is POPE’s. CRANCE’s office has a big desk with two chairs on the opposite side of the desk, the desk has several family photos, a mini American flag, an intercom system, and a phone. CRANCE has a coat rack against the back wall. A door is on the wall upstage, opposite his desk against the wall S.L. is a couch. A big campaign poster with CRANCE’s face in red, white, and blue, with words in all caps reading “The best chance is with Crance, Vote For Crance” is hanging on the wall S.L. of the door. POPE’s office has the same things in it, except he does not have campaign posters up around the office. Against the wall behind POPE’s desk is a mini bar with a mirror above it. Opposite POPE’s desk is a couch, above the couch is a window which can be opened easily. The directions are a suggestion and the set can be modified to fit the needs of the producers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – set as it is split in two, one should ensure visibility to all audience members. The directions are a suggestion and the set can be modified to fit the needs of the producers.

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

Cost is $6.50 for this new digital play script. Just click Shakespeare!

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Copyright © December 2016 Landen Swain and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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