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A Queen and Three Slaves – British farce with Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and three very ‘Essex’ Slaves

British farce


The time: The Roman Empire at its height. Caesar has invaded ancient Britain and has attempted to extend the glorious Roman Empire, introducing all things great: Roman culture, architecture and best of all, plumbing. It’s a pity the locals don’t want these things, preferring to live in hideously free squalor instead in this British farce.

Despite his slightly (okay, extremely) unsuccessful conquest of Britain, Caesar has taken slaves from the local population and brought them back with him to Rome. As a gesture he gives them to Cleoptra, who is currently living in one of his villas in Rome. Now, just which slaves has he chosen to be slaves to the greatest Queen history has ever known? Only the best Essex has to offer!

A Queen and Three Slaves” played successfully for four weeks at the little theater in the Actors lab in San Francisco.
Slaves and Tyrants Theatre Group, Vigo, Spain- 2022

Author: Richard Goodman

Type: Two-act play

Genre: British farce in the style of the ”Carry On” films

Cast:  5F, 3M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch, teens up to perform

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A large chamber in a Roman villa on the right bank of the Tiber in the year 44 BC. There are several chairs and a large couch in the centre of the room. Against the back wall a door leads to a small room which is a closet for some of CLEOPATRA’S clothing and wigs. A door on the left leads off to the entrance hall and other rooms in the village. A door on the right leads to CLEOPATRA’S other private chambers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the accents and colloquial mannerisms right

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Copyright © September 2018 Richard Goodman

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The Way Out – Two-Act Comedy about Escaping from the Loony Bin

two act comedy about escaping from the loony bin


It could not get any worse. Not only was Steve committed to a sanatorium against his will and (cough) better judgement, he’d lost custody of his only daughter and his conniving wife Genia was
dead set on taking his fortune for herself. It seemed the odds were truly against him as the judge who had him committed (and re-committed) was less reasonable than most, the doctors and
therapists at the coo-coo place seemed hard of hearing and his own sanity was living on a prayer. It was clear to Steve; he would almost certainly rot in Westview Residence unless he did something…
and soon… and drastic! His only option: to put his faith in his fellow ‘prisoners’, create a flawless escape plan and hope the sun shone brightly on the ‘crazy ones’ at Westview.

And Steve’s worst nightmare became his wildest dream in this comedy about escaping from the loony bin!


Stony Point High School, TX, USA – 2022

Other plays by Brent Holland (Getting This Close – one act high school romantic comedy)

Author: Brent Holland

Genre: Two-act comedy

Type: Two-act play

Cast: 9M, 12F. The smaller parts like prison guards can most likely be played by either sex.

Ages of the actors: Older teen and adult

Suitable for: Teen and adults upward to perform and to watch

Length: Ninety minutes

Set: Three scenes – a coutroom, a doctor’s office and then the common room of Westview Residence common area, which has a television, sofa, chairs, a chessboard and other amenities.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a really fun well written script for both the actors and the cast to enjoy!

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Copyright © Brent Holland and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Memory Palace – a poignant family drama play spanning generations

family drama play


A family’s home is their castle, a place where their dreams are made.

A family portrait is delicately unravelled in this generational two-act family drama play about the Fischer’s. From the purchase of the family home by Nancy and Daniel, the complicated and often tense concept of family is explored in a series of recollections throughout the Fischer’s history. Recollections shared by sisters, mother and daughter, grandchild and grandfather, memories happy and devastating as well as those that reveal secrets or rather the inquiring bottomless pit of any family dynamic. Memory Palace thoughtfully sheds light into the notion that human beings can be both complicated and amusingly simple at the same time.

MEMORY PALACE was commissioned by The Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties in Vermont in 2013 and was first presented as part of The Full Circle Festival, a series of workshops and theatrical presentations on the subject of aging, in April 2014.

Author: Maura Campbell

Type: Two act play

Genre: Family drama play

Cast: Mains: 4F 3M (5 children 4M 1F and one 20 something play younger versions of the main parts. 1-2 minor parts as well)

Ages of the actors: Children through to older actors

Suitable for: All ages

Length:Two hours

Set: The home of Nancy and Daniel Fischer. Time is fluid and moves between the present and memories of the past. Lighting and incidental music are helpful for audiences to grasp time and place transitions.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – keeping the pace in this family drama play

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Copyright © January 2016 Maura Campbell and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Le Shaggy Dog – award winning one act plays – comedy in wartime France

award winning one act plays - comedy


This is a short suggestive play revolving around 4 able bodied French soldiers who have managed to live out the war in the comparative luxury of a small French castle with all of
the amenities. It’s a very funny play in the style of the well known “Allo Allo” television series.

Their lives are thrown into disarray when they learn the war has caught up with them and they have to make a plan to ensure that they all survive.

This award winning play took 5 awards at the recent EADS one act play festival including best actor, best actress and best ensemble.

Performance History:

The Franklin Players, Roosevelt Park – 2015
Edenvale acting and dramatic society, Edenvale, South Africa – 2015
Abbotts College, Northcliff, South Africa – 2016
Regal Community Theatre, Tenbury Wells, Worcester, UK – 2017

Other award winning plays by Dave Morgan. Read more about British born playwright Dave Morgan.

Author: Dave Morgan

Type: Award winning one act plays – comedy set in wartime France

Genre: Slightly “Naughty” comedy play in the style of “Allo Allo”

Length: 25-30 minutes

Cast: Narrator with a strong French accent plus 3 male 1 female with mild French accents.

Ages of the actors: The Males can be any age or size.
The female must be trim, have an outgoing personality and be prepared to wear a padded
bra if necessary.

Suitable for: PG 12

Set: The inside of a French Chateau where four soldiers have been living in luxury throughout the war

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a funny comedy that will be enjoyed by the audience and actors.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © June 2015 Dave Morgan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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