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Life of a Salesman – Ten Minute Comedy for a cast of five.


comedy for a cast of five

Meet Donald, a nervous, stammering brand new salesman. It’s his first day on the job and all the salesmen on the floor have been given a task: To be the top seller of the day. One of the main salesmen on the floor called Hudson, takes Donald under his wing to show him the ropes. Although it’s unlikely that Donald will make nearly as many sales as himself, he tells Donald, it’s important to use his first day as a learning experience and to follow and do exactly what Hudson does in this ten minute comedy for a cast of five. Because Hudson knows he’s the best.

But will it be Donald who ends up showing Hudson a thing or two?

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Author: Jake Doberenz

Type: Comedy for a cast of five

Genre: Ten Minute Comedy

Cast: Five 4M 1F

Ages of the actors: All adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens and older to perform

Length: Ten minutes

Set: Front of an office and electronics supply store called DALE’S DEPOT.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – easy predictable characters

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