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Trailer Trash – drama for four actors

drama for four actors people


Trailer Trash – a drama for four actors revolves around the complicated relationship between two long term residents of a trailer park, five times divorced Roxanne and prim Doris, who lost everything in a fire the previous year and who has been forced to live in an old school bus because she has nowhere else to go.

When the landlord announces that he is going to evict Doris from her bus, Doris turns to Roxanne for help. This drama builds on the evolving relationship between the two women and shows that it is when times get tough that people find out who their real friends are and who to turn to.

An excerpt from ‘Trailer Trash’has been published by Brooklyn Publishers under the title of “A Temporary Haven”. The play also received a production at the American Theatre of Actors in New York City.


The Forst Inn, WI, USA – 2023


Author: Laurie Allen

Genre: Drama

Type: One Act Play

Length: One Hour

Number of actors: Four, 3F 1M

Ages of the actors: Late thirties up to eighty years old but this play could very well be tackled by a mature cast with ease.

The living room and kitchen area of ROXANNE’S mobile home in a small West Texas town. It’s cluttered with clothes, beer cans, trash, etc. It appears that nothing has been put in its proper place for months. There’s a ragged couch, scratched coffee table and a mismatched chair. In the kitchen there’s a dirty refrigerator, stove and a small kitchen table.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – a drama revolving primarily round two main female actresses.

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