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Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplays

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Sci-fi screenplays – Vince Gabriel, a wealthy 25-year-old dreamer falls madly in love with a woman he sees dancing in a video clip on the internet. Problem is the show aired fifty years ago. Vince knows the dancer’s name, Sherrie Evans and that the show he viewed was filmed in Los Angles in the year 1965.

Vince’s older brother, Scott, an eccentric genius who just so happened to invite a time machine, reluctantly agrees to send Vince back to 1965. He tells Vince the machine emits radiation, which only allows two trips for the traveler. A third trip would be deadly. And it wouldn’t be instant. It would take about ten years for symptoms to occur and another three painful years before death.

While back in 1965; Vince meets Sherrie and she also falls madly in love with him. All is going well until Scott, Vince’s brother, comes to 1965 and informs Vince that if he doesn’t return to his own time an accident will occur and Sherri will die. At this time Scott does not know when or where the accident will occur. Nor does he know what kind of accident it will be.

Vince, not wanting Sherrie to die returns to his own time, BUThe is crushed by losing Sherrie and becomes a full blown alcoholic. Scott, in the present time, finally finds out where Sherrie is but will not tell Vince until Vince gets straight. Vince cleans up and he goes to visit Sherrie who is now a 65-year-old Catholic Nun.

Scott finds out where and when the accident, which would have killed Sherrie, occurred. He tells Vince but also tells him he can’t return because of the time travel radiation. Vince decides that even though he will die a horrible death, ten good years with Sherrie is worth it and against advice from Scott returns to 1965.

What will happen next?

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Author: Stan Jankaitis

Genre: Romance, sci-fi screenplays, drama

Type: Screenplay

Length: Two hours

Cast: 2M 1F as leads but many smaller parts such as policeman, taxi drive, mugger etc.

Set: The present day and the 1960’s

Ages of the actors: Main characters are young- in their twenties at the start of the screenplay but age towards the end

Suitable for: All ages

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – The special effects are not great and can be used for student films.

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