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Goddle – Sci-fi comedy script

sci-fi comedy script


In the not too distant future two earthlings crash land on a planet remarkably similar to Earth. They learn from two natives that the planet, Goddle, is inhabited by a race similar to humans but more developed due to the existence of a substance called Goddlemite. Goddlemite allows the inhabitants of Goddle to communicate telepathically by channelling their thoughts. The unwelcome intrusion by the Goddlians into the minds of the Earthlings leads to much confusion and romantic innuendo, eventually leading to animosity between the Earthlings and Goddlians.

However, the Earthlings learn that Goddlemite can also be used as a power source for their crashed space ship and they hatch a plan to steal Goddlemite so they can return to Earth. Without the power of Goddlemite to read each other’s mind the Goddlians struggle with the need to speak to each other but eventually manage to make their feelings known. When the Goddlians confront the Earthlings about the theft of the Goddlemite, they come to realise that they don’t need the power to read each others’ minds. The Earthlings are able to depart with the power source they need and the Goddlians must learn to cope with the new communication method that involves talking.

Read about playwright Revelly Robinson. Other plays by Revelly Robinson.

Author: Revelly Robinson

Genre: Sci-fi comedy script

Type: One act play

Length: Forty Minutes, 40 min

Number of actors: Four, 4, 2M 2F

Ages of the actors:  20s-40s

Suitable for: All ages

Set:  The crash site of a spaceship. The door of the spaceship should open and it should be jungle where it crashed. A second scene takes place in which there is a raised black podium.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – interactions between characters

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Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – sci-fi comedy scripts (From Tales of the Cul De Sac)

sci-fi comedy scripts
sci-fi comedy script


Frank and Maude’s love life has dwindled to a trickle over the past year, ever since Frank took to the basement in his quest to invent the first ever working time machine. In fact, Maude only sees him occasionally when he pops up for arbitrary items such as sunflower oil and the washing machine. In desperation, Maude has taken to redecorating their entire house and making herself even more gorgeous in order to catch his eye.
But what Maude doesn’t know is that Frank is actually on the verge of a major breakthrough that will catapult them three hundred years into the future….

Explain the handcuffs – a time travel adventure was staged by the Gaslight theatre players.


Top of the Torrens Theatre group, SA, Australia – 2018
Hamilton Civic Theatre, TX, USA – 2018

Authors:  Jeff Carlson and Zach Triplett

Type: Two-act comedy

Genre: Sci-fi comedy scripts

Length:  Two hours, 2 hr script

Number of Actors: Six,  3M  4F (two female parts are played by the same actress)

Suitable for: All ages

Ages of actors:  Four middle aged,  three in their late teens to late twenties

Set: A living room with doors to the basement, kitchen and the outside.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – maintaining the humor and making the futuristic characters believable.

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Copyright October 2013 Jeff Carlson,  Zach Triplett and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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