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Parade day – two act drama about Roswell, years later

DRAMA about Roswell


Things could not be worse for east coast pharmaceutical sales Edward Laurens. His life is a disaster – the wife’s left him and he knows he’s going to lose his job.

Edward’s idea to cope, or avoid it all, is drive across the country on route to Californian to his annual sales meetings. And between the east and west coasts, maybe he find himself. That’s a glorious notion.

Alone and wandering through New Mexico the past week, Edward runs his life through his head until he’s so utterly depressed he’s at the end of it. And then he stops at the Flying Saucer Diner in Roswell, New Mexico.

Edward doesn’t know Roswell celebrates its notoriety as the place where a flying saucer crashed years ago, or so the town proclaims through years of hype and cheesy promotion.

His luck could not get any worse; it’s the day of the town’s annual flying saucer parade. He walks into the diner and meets the owner, Buddy. Buddy is the last living eyewitness to the infamous crash. Buddy hates everything about the town’s zany celebration and the parade, and takes Edward to be “one” of them – a crazy UFO fanatic.

The town’s mayor wants Buddy to ride down Main Street in the parade, but Buddy refuses. The town sees him as a stubborn and bitter old man. What no one understands is that he’s no longer sure what did happen that day of the crash. He’s angry that at the end of his life, all he’s become is the last living witness and nothing more.

Then Edward meets Buddy’s waitress, Katie. She ‘s an intriguing small town girl with a string of bad relationships that have not diminished her big dreams – if she knew what they were. She is desperate to leave, desperate to find love, desperate to be loved. There is a spark between the withdrawn Edward and Katie that pushes them both to attempt to try to change their lives.

The play is fleshed out with the comings and goings of various characters that wander into the diner, each with different agendas, from weirdness to cruelty.

In PARADE DAY, the crash, aliens, and the ridiculous circus that envelops the town, become a metaphor about drift and detachment from one another, and our need to be understood. The play brings Buddy, Edward, and Katie to the lines they have drawn in the dirt, opening the door to the possibility for them all to step back across.

Read about award winning playwright Terry Roueche. Other plays (Roots and Wings – award winning one act drama) by Terry.

Author: Terry Roueche

Genre: Drama about Roswell

Type: Two act play, full length romantic comedy drama

Cast: Main characters 3M 1F, Smaller characters, some of which can be played by the same actors: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: Cast of adults ages 20 to 70

Suitable for: All ages but meant for adults

Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Set: Flying Saucer Diner, Roswell, New Mexico

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – lovely comedy drama romance with a touch of sci fi written by one of our best selling award winning authors.

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Copyright © August 2016 Terry Roueche and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Encounter – romantic drama for two actors

romantic drama for two actors


Paul encounters Laura, or rather a slightly tipsy and thus rather bold (or forward) Laura accosts Paul at an art gallery. They’re both met briefly at a dinner in the past and both remember each other. Paul is slightly shy at first, but Laura is so unconventionally forward that he soon warms up to her advances and starts to flirt back. But what will become of their evening?

The Encounter is one of the short plays which form a collection known as Ugly art, many of which have been published by Off The Wall plays.

Production History

THE ENCOUNTER was selected for the 2003 Third Annual Pregnant Chad New Plays Festival, Stormy Weather Players in New Windsor, New York and was produced off off Broadway. It was also produced in Los Angeles by Drama West.

The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA – 2016
Melfort Amateur Dramatics – SK, Canada – 2018
The Old Nick theatre, Gainsborough, UK – 2019
Nirak Films, Warwichshire, UK – 2020


‘Sumter Item, Sumter, South Carolina
Produced by Urban Theater of Sumter 2004
“Three large canvases (blue, yellow and green) one bench and a small table displaying several wine glasses set the stage for “Ugly Art,” written by last year’s South Carolina playwright’s winner Terry Roueche… The play itself is sophisticated dialogue, evoking laughter through seven vignettes that explore a variety of topics – marriage, control, snobbery, fidelity and artistic talk…

Redditch Advertiser, Worcesterhire, England
Produce by Mouthpiece Theatre, Worcestershire, England 2004
“Putting on a theatre performance is always a risky business. You don’t know whether the audience will turn off he telly and risk the chance of a waster evening. Mouthpiece Productions remedies this by taking theatre to the people. And if has certainly deliver the goods with its latest festival offering – Ugly Art… The show was a treat – a performance of this quality is worth traveling to watch. The show was light accessible and above all, very entertaining.’

Read more about playwright Terry Roueche. Other plays (Wilson) by Terry.

Author: Terry Roueche

Type: One act play, ten minute romantic drama

Genre: Romantic drama script

Cast: 1M 1F in cast

Ages of the actors: Cast should be over thirty years old

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Blank stage or stage with a painting on it. Wine glasses needed as props.

Length: Ten to fifteen minutes long

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – actors should be able to show the subtle nuances involved when a man and woman intially flirt and then get more serious.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © November 2015 Terry Roueche and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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