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Two Many Witnesses – a courtroom drama script

courtroom drama script


In this courtroom drama script,  Bernard Wells is dissatisfied with his life as Bistro owner, especially when a school friend of his, Alex Pole, decides to expand his café across the road into a restaurant. Wells asks if he could be his partner in this venture, but Pole tells him he has Frank Horner, a beverage supplier and a friend of his as a partner.

Wells decides to get rid of the opposition. He discovers his cousin’s (Arthur Wells) passport in his flat, where Arthur had mislaid it on his last visit. After witnessing a drunken argument between Horner and Pole, where Horner threatens Pole, Wells sees his chance.

Disguised as his cousin, he pays Alex Pole a visit and kills him; he arranges beforehand that Frank Horner is away at this time, delivering goods to a fictitious customer.

At the enquiry in this courtroom drama script, Bernard disguises himself as his cousin Arthur.  He bears false witness saying he saw Frank Horner leave the scene of the crime carrying the murder weapon. As Bernard Wells, he tells the court of enquiry that he saw Pole and Horner arguing inside Pole’s shop shortly before Pole was killed, therefore giving himself an alibi.

When Horner is arrested for the murder, he protests  his innocence.  To all intents and purposes, the case against him seems watertight, until a surprise witness appears…

Author: T. J. Edison

Genre:  Drama

Type: One act play

Length:  1 hour

Number of actors:  17 actors,  12 M, 5 F

Ages of actors:  Adult – twenties to fifties

Suitable for: All  ages

Set: Simple – two rooms – the main play takes place in the courtroom where there is a typical courtroom laid out with a judge at a table as well as tables for the defendants and prosecutors and chairs for the witnesses and spectators.  The second room is an ante room that can be anything from a simple passage to a room with a table and 2 chairs.

Level of difficulty:  6/10 – the play has a fairly steady pace throughout so maintaining audience focus is the main challenge.

This courtoom drama script is written as a full length one act play, but can easily be converted into a short two act play with an interval.

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Twenty First Century Stomp – a rap drama in two acts

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buy a rap drama musical play online

A rap drama in two acts, based on the lives of two couples whose lives have been affected by the crash in the economy taking place all over the world and continuing into the present day. These people, David, Joan, Harry and Sara all had good jobs and great lives and lost them suddenly one day when the economy crashed.
Forced to look at their harsh situations, they draw on the memories and the experiences of their lives and those of their families and friends past and present in order to be able to take ‘the next step’ in life, whatever the consequences.

This play is ideal for an arts festival, especially the fringe section of an arts festival as it requires a minimal set and can thus be put on anywhere. It’s message will hold true for many communities who have been hit by the crash in the world’s economy.

This is the second play we are publishing by Jack Moskovitz.Read about Jack in our about the authors section. Read The Devil Dances, a sexual drama in one act.

Author: Jack Moskovitz

Genre: Drama in rap, musical

Type: Two act play

Actors:  3 M,  2 F

Ages of actors:  Adult

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Minimal – table and chairs – easy and inexpensive

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 Holding the focus and attention of the audience

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