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Street Theatre – ten minute comedy for three actors

ten minute comedy for three actors


Picture it: A cafe and a typical couple sitting at a table waiting to be served. A beleaguered and bored waitress who wants to take their order. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well – she’s  (the female half of the couple) just been to improv theater class and the cafe is about to become her new stage, much to the astonishment of the other diners, the embarrassment of her partner and the confusion of the waitress in this ten minute comedy.

Read about playwright Morley Shulman. Other best selling comedies (Naked – one act comedy about the pitfalls of internet dating) by Morley.

Production History

Seattle Pacific University, USA – 2016
Menomonie High School, WI, USA – 2016
Gnosall Players, Staffordshire, UK – 2017
Bethel University, TN, USA – 2017
North Carolina Central University, NC, USA – 2021
Dudley College, United Kingdom – 2022
Nicolet High School, WI, USA – 2023

Type: Ten minute comedy

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 1M 2F

Ages of the actors: The couple is in their late twenties, the waitress can be of any age.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: A typical cafe with a table and chairs for two and menus

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a fun easy ten minute play that audiences will enjoy

Read a Sample of the Script

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