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The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors

one act comedy plays


It’s the game of life. And there are rules. First, you need to get a job. Then you need to find a girl, get married and procreate. It’s also important to apologize to the girl when she’s wrong. It’s actually fundamental. If you get this all right, then you’ll have played the game of life and if you’re lucky, you’ll win! But when Milton tries to start the game of life at the local bus stop, it doesn’t go as well as he had planned…

Production History

Grayslake North High School, IL, USA – 2016
Vista Grande High School, NM, USA – 2017
The Roial Players, Michigan State University, MI, USA – 2017

Author: Christopher M. Connors

Genre: Comedy for festival or high school competition

Type: One act comedy plays

Cast:  Cast of Six 4M 2F

Suitable for:    Script Suitable for All ages

Length:  Script twenty minutes long

Set: A bus stop. Simple seta bench is all that is needed

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy play for actors of all ages.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $11.00 for this previously staged best selling digital script

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