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A second chance – science fiction play scripts

science fiction play scripts


Eight people who couldn’t be more different find themselves at a meeting. A meeting of the afterlife. For although these people are all dead, they do have one thing in common. The potential to alter catastrophic events in history and thus change the world to hopefully a better place. The eight are given a choice – to accept an assignment or to continue their journey of the afterlife. Seven accept but almost immediately find themselves back in the same place they were before. But just what did happen to them in this science fiction play script?

Read other plays (The Coming of Jed Crest – a play about the superstar you just found out was your dad) by UK based playwright Peter Pitt.

Author: Peter Pitt

Type: One act play

Genre: Science fiction play scripts

Cast: Cast of 9, 6M 3F (some roles can be played by either sex)

Ages of the actors: All adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and perform

Length: Twenty five minutes

Set: A windowless room with the walls covered in white drapes, except for one doorway, to the back and to the side of the stage. There are eight chairs, more or less in a row. Facing them is a notice board on a stand. The room is bathed in a pale, orange glow.

Level of difficulty: 7/10  mystery!

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The play’s the thing – one act crime script about the perfect murder

one act crime script about a murder


It was the perfect murder. And the perfect accident. Or so Greta thought. Deeply infatuated by her good looking actor boyfriend, her husband Charles appears to be nothing more than an impediment to their happiness. She plans the perfect way to get rid of Charles, and make it look like it was all an accident. When Larry, her lover, gives Charles (who is a well known actor) a script to read, she decides to ask Charles to ‘act out’ the script with them, and supplies him with a loaded gun for the suicide scene… But she’ll have to learn the hard way that there’s no such thing as the perfect murder in this one act crime script.

Read other plays by Peter – The Coming of Jed Crest – an ordinary girl finds out her dad may be a rock star from back in the day.

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre: Crime, drama

Type: One act crime script

Length: Thirty minutes

Cast: 3M, 2F

Ages of the actors: One M in his fifties, two in their thirties and two in their twenties

Suitable for: All ages to watch. Adults to act in.

Set: A luxury apartment in London, furnished with 1930’s styled furniture. There is a large couch, two armchairs, a writing desk, cocktail cabinet, a television set and a telephone

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – accents and period piece.

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A love – Never Forgotten – humorous drama for mature actors

drama for mature actors


Just an old folks’ home? No. This community is more than that. It houses Rose, Alice, her husband Gordon, Ted and Jill. In this one act dramedy, it is a retirement village for mature and independent
individuals, thank you very much.

Of course it makes sense then that the most, ahem, senior ones have the deepest secrets hidden from those who ought to know them best and know truths that would shock the ones who’ve ‘seen it all’. Enter Ives (literally) whose visits to the home are to view it with the intention of perhaps moving in soon. His latest visit unravels Alice’s panic at a ghost from Christmas past. When Ives and Alice do ultimately face each other, Alice is presented with the face of a ghost alright… one that sweet, unassuming, Rose may know everything about in this humorous drama for mature actors.


Players in Cheshire, UK – 2018

 Other plays – The Coming of Jed Crest – British one act play by Peter Pitt. 

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre: Dramedy, humorous drama for mature actors

Type: One act play

Cast: 4F 3M

Ages of the actors: All above sixty except the manager, Sharon who can be younger

Length: Thirty minutes

Suitable for: All ages, but suited especially to senior groups who enjoy play reading

Set: The residents lounge in a new block of retirement apartments.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – showing a variety of emotions

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Cost is $15.00 for the printed script. Multiple copies are cheaper. Please enquire.

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Read about it – what happens when you strike up a conversation at a bus stop?

The Coming of Jed Crest – one act British plays



Oh! The possibilities of believing everything you hear!

Let him who hath understanding reckon the word of the Lord: that the Second Coming shall reveal the fate of the world. The fate of the world will lie in the hands of the One born of a mildly successful rock star and she who runs a cafe.

Foretold by the papers that yellow and recounted by a customer who is not the most generous in his consistent purchases of a cup of tea, Kerry could not be bothered by Colin’s story of the day, in this one-act play… until she hears of the link between her mother, Pat and a man known as Jed Crest. In less than thirty minutes, Kerry discovers the wonder of hearing an unbelievable story whose elements are so incredible that to believe them would be confirmation that she’s mental and at the same time perfectly sane.

After all, a casual conversation has eliminated the notion that Kerry is just a girl who works in a cafe as one who might actually be an integral part of the Second Coming and could very well be the Second Coming itself.

Other plays – Behind the nets – a period drama, by author Peter Pitt.

Author: Peter Pitt

Type: One act British Plays

Genre: British comedy

Length: 25 minutes

Cast: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: Four in their fifties to sixties, one in her forties and one in her twenties

Suitable for: All ages

Set: An old fashioned café. A door opens on to the street, and there’s another exit, to the kitchen, behind a serving counter. The shop window and door are partly covered with curtains.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

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Cost is $5 for this British one act digital play script

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Copyright © April 2016 Peter Pitt and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Am I good, a lovely comedy for 2F and 1M about a teenage boy and his older attractive neighbour who accidentally gets her dress stuck in her tights

Gatecrashers – one act comedy drama about elderly wedding crashers

one act comedy drama

buy a one act play online


After attending a reception for a Jewish wedding, an elderly couple are making their way to the car park when a hotel employee stops them and requests that they accompany him to the manager’s office. Apparently, there has been a robbery and Faye and Sidney are suspects.

Although Faye and Sidney insist they are not the thieves, it turns out they have to explain why they weren’t on the wedding guest list either…

Other plays by Peter Pitt.

Performance History

Deer Park High School, NY, USA – 2016
Roial Players, MI, USA – 2016
Village Green theatre Co, Queensland, Australia – 2018
Kenai Players, AR, USA – 2019

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre: One act comedy drama

Type: One act play

Cast:  3M 3F

Ages of the actors:  The main characters are in their 60’s.  The waitress is young and the rest are middle aged.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 15-20 minutes

Set:  A hotel manager‘s office. It is furnished with a fairly smart desk, a swivel chair, a settee and a couple of other chairs. There is one door. On the desk is a telephone and other writing apparel. Also a nameplate which reads ‘BRUNO CORSINNI , Manager.’

Level of difficulty:  6/10 – a nice one act festival play

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Behind the Nets – one act period drama

one act period drama


It is 1937. Sybil is worried as her husband, Norman, has been held overnight by the Police. Josie, her sister-in-law, calls to inquire why her brother isn’t at work at the bank.

When she finds Sybil doesn’t have the answer, she leaves to investigate what has happened to him. Soon after, Norman returns home, followed a little later by Josie.
What Norman and Josie explain to Sybil so outrages her, that she is tempted to do something that could affect all of their lives.

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre:  One act Period drama

Type:  One act play

Cast:  4 1M 3F

Ages of the actors:  All 30’s-40’s

Suitable for: PG 10 –  alludes to issues of homosexuality

Length: 20-25 minutes

Set:  Front room of a house in a London suburb in 1937

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – building the tension till the final climax

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7.50for this digital play script

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Copyright ©February 2015 Peter Pitt and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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