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The Beach House – comedy drama about family



It’s meant to be a celebration of family and in particular, granddad Arthur’s birthday. Sure, Arthur and Ellen have been divorced a long time and he barely gets along with Abigail, his granddaughter, but at least Belinda is trying when it comes to her parents and children in this comedy drama about family.

It’s unfortunate really that Abigail and Jarvis, his grandson show their true and disingenuous reasons for attending the beach house celebration, in a situation that is unraveling almost as soon as they get to their home away from home. With a no-show father (Belinda’s husband who cares as much for the title as he does for Abigail) it seems Belinda is well and truly on her own as she tries desperately to keep a family as unified as ever. In this drama/comedy in one act, the odds are not so much in Belinda’s favour as a secret as old as Abigail threatens to tear the family completely apart…

Other plays by New Zealander writer James O’Sullivan – The Dane – comedy about two snotty older actors who audition for Hamlet.

Author: James O’Sullivan

Type: Full length one act play

Genre: Comedy drama about family

Cast: 4F 2M

Ages of the actors: Early twenties to seventy years old

Suitable for: Adults – odd references to sex

Length: 90 minutes

Set: The lounge of a beach house in the coastal resort town of Pauanui. The kitchen joins the lounge, demarcated by a bench. It is obvious from the lavish furnishings that rich people have their holidays here. There is a sofa and three chairs. It is summer and there is plenty of light.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – full length one act play, keeping the audience’s attention

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The Dane – ten minute comedy plays

ten minute comedy plays


Two stuck up veteran actors are waiting for the final audition for the part of Hamlet. They are waiting on a third actor, who just happens to be the young handsome lead for a well known local medical drama. When he arrives, it becomes apparent that the young actor actually knows very little about Shakespeare (But he did some in high school.) At first, the the two veterans are not amused, but then they decide to mess with him, thinking that he would never get the part, being so unskilled. However, their plans go awry when it turns out that the director plans to give the part to the handsome young actor in spite of all that, because he thinks it will attract an audience. And that on top of that, he wants them to help the young actor get the part.


Reading School, Reading, United Kingdom – 2017
Massanutten Military Academy, VA, USA – 2017
Waukee High School, Friday Night Live, IA, USA – 2017
Green Place Theatre Company, Glasgow, Scotland, UK – 2018
The College of William and Mary, VA, USA – 2019
JFed Players Community Theatre Ensemble, CA, USA – 2021

Author: James O’Sullivan

Type: Ten minute comedy plays

Genre: One act comedy script

Cast: Written for 4M but can be 3M 1F

Ages of the actors: 2 middle aged, one young, 1 any age

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: Three chairs are required

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – a funny, easy play that plays on characterization

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