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Barfly – ten minute romantic comedy script

ten minute romantic comedy


Patrick has invited a girl he met online out for a date to his local bar. Although he’s never seen her, he felt that they clicked online and tonight’s the night they meet in person. So when she doesn’t show up and is now ten minutes late, he gets talking to another girl, who promptly whips him at his favorite arcade game in the pub. But where is Patrick’s mystery date in this ten minute romantic comedy script?

Read other plays by playwright Chris Cartwright – The Best selling, ‘Awaiting Patients’ – a comedy about waiting in the doctor’s room for a patient who never arrives.

Author: Chris Cartwright

Type: Ten minute plays, short one act plays

Genre: Ten minute romantic comedy script

Cast: 2M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult – late twenties up

Suitable for: Adults to perform but whole family can watch

Length: Ten minutes

Set: The counter at a bar/pub with bar stools and a bar tender pouring drinks

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – short, fun easy script – character parts

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Awaiting Patients – comedy for high school festivals

comedy for high school


It’s a typical evening in the local doctor’s office and the reception is packed full to the brim with the its share of typical (and atypical) patients. There’s the heavily pregnant lady, demanding Nutella and cantaloupes, her flustered fiance, the seventy seven year old guy who just wants to find the bathroom, the suburban housewife and off course, the local oddball, Tom, who has made it his duty to hit on the air headed receptionist.

There’s only one thing missing and that’s “Cartwright,” the next patient on the doctor’s list. Company policy dictates that the doctor has to wait for any patient that is running late for up to an hour. And so the doctor waits. As does everybody else stuck behind him in the queue.

Tensions and frustrations run high in this off beat comedy by Chris Cartwright. ‘Awaiting Patients’ first premiered at Eastview High School in Apple Valley, MN. It opened on May 23rd, 2014 and was directed by Christopher Cartwright.

Further Performance History

Socastee High School, SC, USA, 2016
Fulton High School, IL, USA – 2016
New Hampshire Festival – Kearsage Regional High School, USA – 2017
Holy Rosary Convent, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2017
Jefferson High School, OR, USA – 2017
Stagefright Drama Group, Jersey, United Kingdom – 2017
Hermitage High School, VA, USA – 2017
Simsbury High School, CT, USA – 2017
Golden Windmill Historical Society, IL, USA – 2018
St. Stephen High School, NB, Canada – 2018
British International College, Bryanston, South Africa – 2018
Little Rock Christian Academy, AR, USA – 2018

Author: Christopher Cartwright

Genre: Comedy for high school festivals

Type: One act play

Cast:  Cast of 8. 3F, 3M, 2N (one is a one liner part)

Suitable for: High school drama festivals

Length: 40 minutes

Set: A small waiting room in a doctor’s office. This is your typical
waiting room – chairs placed uncomfortably close together, end tables with obviously fake plants, etc. There is a receptionist’s desk upstage right and a door upstage center next to the desk.

Level of difficulty: 6/10

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