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Mateo Falcone – Classic story as a one act play



Mateo Falcone is a disturbing and provoking tale of inexorable justice. Some say that it is the saddest story in the world. A classic story as a one act play.

A ten-year boy dishonors his family by committing a treason. The ten year old boy, Fortunato accepts a silver coin to hide Gianetto, the outlaw in their house. However, when an officer offers him a gold watch to reveal where he has hidden the outlaw, he takes it as well, revealing the hiding place of the villain.

The wretched father, a proud Corsican highlander named Mateo Falcone, cannot but do what seems to him his duty. When Mateo arrives home and finds out what his son has done, he knows that the family’s honour has been destroyed. The only solution he can see to retrieve it is to kill his only son, after allowing him to say a final prayer for his soul. Fortunato’s distraught mother is not able to do anything to save the boy.

The original story was written by French author Prosper Merimée. It was first published in 1829 and has since been considered as one of the best short stories ever.

Other plays (Yvette – tale of a young Parisian beauty coming of age) by B.K. de Fabris

Author: B.K. de Fabris

Genre: Tragedy, drama, classic story as a one act play

Type: One act play

Cast: Cast of eight, 6M 1F 1 boy

Ages of the actors: 7 adults, one child

Suitable for: All ages (although subject may upset some younger viewers)

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: A pile of hay close by a stone-wall. Some farming tools are scattered around the place.

Level of difficulty: Combining a sense of adventure in the beginning of the play with inevitable tragedy of a traditional society

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Yvette – a period drama romance script

period drama romance


Yvette is eighteen, and she is a mystery. Nobody can make out whether she is a charming youngster or a wretched jade. She belongs through her mother, a high-class courtesan, as well as through her manners and her customs, to the vortex of the most rapid life of 19th-century Paris. Yet, she lives in that atmosphere of infamy with a calm and triumphing ease as if she suspects absolutely nothing of her mother’s profession, which is either wonderfully profligate or entirely artless. She allures and excites men and at the same time acts like an impeccable virgin. If she is not the most complete monster of astuteness and perversity, she certainly is the most marvelous phenomenon of innocence that can be imagined. Only, this young lady belongs neither to society, nor to the tradesmen’s class, nor to the common people, and she can never enter any of these ranks by marriage. She has only one possible career, a life of pleasure, and she cannot escape her fate.

Author: B. K. de Fabris

Type: One act play

Genre: Period piece, period drama romance

Cast: 13 – 10m 3F, 12 dancers

Ages of the actors: Late teens to middle aged

Length: 80 minutes with scene changes

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Various locations on Paris, both indoors and outdoors.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – scene changes

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