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On golden wings – play about Guiseppe Verdi

play about Guiseppe verdi


The time – 1841. The place – Milano. Bartolomeo Merelli, Inspector General of the Royal and Imperial Austro-Hungarian Theatres makes his way to the poorer quarters in Milano intent on a special mission. The mission – to make composer Giuseppe Verdi compose once more. Verdi, once a talented opera composer has given it all up and means to teach following several tragedies in his life including the death of his beloved wife and their two children and the failure of his most recent comic opera. Merelli means to change all that by convincing him to write a masterpiece, namely, the opera ‘Nabucco,’ about the Hebrew slaves in Babylon. But will he convince him to do so in this play about Giuseppe Verdi?

‘On Golden Wings’ was a runner up at the Mark Twain Playwriting Competition in Harford, CT and was performed at Theatre Studio NYC in two productions and later at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

Author: A. Giovanni Affinito

Genre: Biography

Type: One act play

Cast: 2M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: A drably furnished room, with a door, a coat stand, a wooden table and three chairs and a battered piano in it, with an oil lamp on the table.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – authenticity

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Sarah wants the moon – one act period comedy scripts

one act period comedy


Sarah Bernhardt, a young actress arrives for an early morning rehearsal on the stage of the Comedie Francaise where she encounters an ex lover, a rival actress who has the leading role, a hostile director who quite simply does not like her and a faux doting mother who tries to feed her up during the proceedings.

All Sarah wants is to shine in her current role as an abandoned wife found grieving in the moonlight in a forest glade. This, according to Sarah, requires her to be bathed in moonlight (or artificial spotlight, as is the case in the theatre.) But this is not to be.
Everyone works against her for various reasons until, left alone, she decides to create an event that will resolve the situation by an extreme action. She gets what she wants – her moonlight.

Sarah wants the moon has been performed at multiple venues on 8th Avenue, New York. 

Other plays (Dinner at Dario’s) by A. Giovanni Affinito

Author: A. Giovanni Affinito

Type: One Act Play

Genre: One Act Period comedy scripts

Cast: Cast of 2-3 M, 3F

Ages of the actors: Young adult up

Suitable for: PG advised

Length: 30 minutes

Set: Set – A stage and a spotlight

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy one act festival play

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Dinner at Dario’s – romantic comedies

romantic comedies

romantic comedies
Photo of original cast of Dinner at Dario’s



In this romantic comedy-drama, Frank, a surgeon and Mark, an operatic baritone are preparing to meet at their local restaurant, Dario’s for a final farewell dinner after their relationship fell apart and they broke up. Their dinner plans are complicated by the arrival of David, Frank’s new fling, who is supposed to be coming to dinner as well, but who is too nervous and backs out of it as well as Harold, Frank’s other new fling, complete with Tofu and health food shakes.

Dinner at Dario’s was runner up in the Mark Twain Masquer’s Playwriting Competition in Hartford, CT.


Author: A. Giovanni Affinito

Genre: Romantic comedies, gay comedy play script

Type: One act play

Length: 35-40 minutes

Cast: 4M

Ages of the actors: Late twenties

Suitable for: PG 10 – occasional sexual innuendos

Set: Frank’s apartment in Greenwich CT. The living room

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

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