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Dr Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock – Award Winning play about Nazi Germany

play about Nazi Germany


The fascinating, if horrific account of how a group of less than twenty men in a meeting changed the world and impacted its history forever.

In this one act play, the matter at hand has to do with the Jewish untermenschen and their existence in European society. The drama revolves around the men at the 1942 Wannsee Conference seeking a permanent solution to expel the Jews from Europe and reinstate the Aryan race at the top, where the men believe they should be in this award winning play about Nazi Germany.

It is a scenario we’ve seen time and again: how a few men can make disastrous decisions in the name of beliefs that they think the world ought to live by, for the greater good. This meeting resulted in the Jewish genocide known as the Holocaust. As a thoughtful Kritzinger predicted, more than just a few million Jewish lives would be lost ‘for good’ after that meeting.

Dr. Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock won the Best One-Act Award at the 2015 Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwright’s Festival.

Author: Jim Snowden

Type: One act play about Nazi Germany

Genre: Drama

Cast: Main Characters 3 – M. Total cast 13M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 45-50 minutes

Set: In the middle of the stage is a conference table, placed diagonally. Fifteen chairs are placed at roughly even spacing around the table. Paper name tags suggest the seating arrangements.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – correct ambiance

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The Scepter has Departed – a Jewish drama play script in two acts

Jewish drama play script


The year is 1937  – before world war two erupts in Europe and anti Jewish sentiment is rife.  Hitler is gaining power and the persecution of the Jews has begun.  Millions of Jews from around Europe have fled their homelands in Poland and Lithuania and moved back to Jerusalem,  the city of their forefathers. Tension is high from  the Arab population in Palestine leading to the Arab riots against immigrant Jews. The British Balfour Declaration has increased pressure on both the British and Palestinians to obstruct Jewish presence in Palestine.

At a Tipat Chalav in one of Jerusalem’s Jewish neighborhoods, Jewish militants of the Irgun meet to discuss their ongoing response to the Arab riots. A new arrival from Lithuania who has made aliyah is instructed about the many concerns confronting his new organization.

Then the murders begin. A  “non – Zionist” Rabbi is murdered,  and a grenade is thrown into a bus full of Palestinian civilians.  The British capture some of the militant Jews responsible for the attacks and they are sentenced to death.

“The Scepter has Departed” , a Jewish  drama play script, explores all sides of this age old conflict, asking the question, “Who is right and who is responsible?”

Author: Sterling Cullipher

Type: Two act Play

Genre: Political Drama – Jewish drama play script

Suitable for: All  ages

Ages of actors: Adult

Number of actors:  19, 18M, 1F

Length of play: 90 minutes

Set: There are a number of scene changes from a number of simple rooms, to a bar, a warehouse, a market place and a prison. The changes can be simply accomplished by changing basic furnishings in the room and alternating sides of the stage that are used.

 Level of Difficulty:  9/10 This play has a lot of dialogue, so keeping the focus of the audience is important. It also deals with a sensitive issue which should be dealt with respectfully.

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