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The audition – funny short play for a cast of three about an audition

short comedy for 3 people


It’s always nerve wracking going to audition for a part in a play. Getting the words right, coming across the way you think the directors want you to come across. And when they simply look bored, its ten times worse. So when Misty arrives at her audition and they give her just ten minutes to prepare, she wants to scream. Until she finds out she has to. Scream, that is. Scream as though her audition depended on it. It does. A funny short play for a cast of three.


Ham Sandwich Theatre, MB, Canada – 2018
Offbroadway childrens theatre – GA, USA – 2019
Landon School, MD, USA – 2021

Read about playwright Jean Blasiar. Other plays – Sticky – a short farcical comedy about a cheating husband by Jean Blasiar.

Author: Jean Blasiar

Genre: Comedy, sketch

Type: Funny short play for a cast of three

Cast: 2F, 1M

Ages of the actors: Two middle aged, one in her twenties

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 5-7 minutes

Set: Six folding chairs are in the back of the room. On a desk, stage right, is a pile of “sides” for the audition. A sign above the “sides” says, “Take one.”

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a good pair of lungs

Read a Sample of the script

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Lonely Birds and Shadow Figures – Psycho Thriller script

psycho thriller script


Jess and Betty work together in a typical office and rub along against each other as coworkers do that spend half their lives together. But both of them are lonely women. Betty is a widow and Jess craves chronic solitude based on her superiority complex and cynical view of the world. So when Jess accepts a bunch of flowers meant for Betty and then in a mean gesture, makes them out to be for herself, she never even considers that the messenger who brought them may have sinister intentions in this psycho thriller script…

Both women are about to find what it is they really yearn for, or rather what they crave will find them in the most disturbing occurrences that infatuation can serve us. And he will follow them and watch their shadow figures as they move through their curtains at night…

Will the rules of right and wrong be clear when Jessica gets what is coming to her? And when she mysteriously disappears, will the principle of karma serve Betty well when she tries to make sense of what exactly happened to her “friend”, Jessica? Finally and more importantly; will anyone really care about the circumstances surrounding her “disappearance”?


The Chorlton Players ADS, Manchester, United Kingdom – 2019

Other plays (The Promise) that will send a chill up your spine by E.M. Slocum.

Author: E.M. Slocum

Type: Three act play

Genre: Psycho thriller script

Cast: 2F 1M (2M – one is a voice)

Suitable for: All ages as no actual violence is depicted

Length: 90 minutes

Set: In an office building. A large screen is placed in the office, referencing time, showing pieces of imagery in between. Overbearing gray its overwhelming neon and reflects onto various suits that are hung on coat hangers and blend into the surroundings like camouflage.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a psycho thriller in three acts that requires a slow build up of tension to a climax in a fairly routine office enviroment

Read a Sample of the Script

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Cost is $7.50 for this digital psycho thriller script. Just click Shakespeare!!

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