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The Any Key – Monologues for Men

monologues for men


Bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you can blame other people for your problems and sometimes you just can’t. People tend to ignore the warning signs in life, and then bad things happen that they should have see coming. But what if there was a magical key that we could push, that would make it all unhappen so we could do it over?

Read about playwright Chris Welzenbach. The author will allow workshopping of the play to accommodate place names and because couriers often use light motorcycles (motos) rather than bicycles.

Author: Chris Welzenbach

Type: One act monologues for men

Genre: One act drama

Length: Seventeen to Twenty Three minutes according to previous performances

Number of actors:One

Suitable for: PG due to language

Set: Single Barstool, black box theatre

Level of Difficulty 6/10 – style is quite conversational

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital monologue for men

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Copyright February 2014 Chris Welzenbach and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Restaurants at Beautiful Times – one act drama for four actors

short one act dramas


In this one act drama for four actors, the stage and the actor’s lives are divided into the ‘restaurant’ and the ‘place where the food is prepared.’   Jean and Myceneaus live and work in the place where the food is prepared. They have never known another existence, and theirs is grim existence at best.  Their only interaction is with the head waiter who liaises between both sides of the stage – both worlds, as it were.  This one act drama for four actors compares the worlds of the very rich and the very poor, and plays on the fact that neither side has any no idea what happens on ‘the other side.’  The play has been produced in Las Vegas by the Nevada Conservatory Theatre and in New York by Working Man’s Clothes thus far.

The author would request that he approves/disapproves any dialogue changes or renaming of characters, but genders may be altered at the theatre’s discretion. Read more about David McGinnis

Author: David McGinnis

Genre: Drama

Type: One Act Play

Suitable for: All ages

Number of actors: four, 4

Ages of actors:  Middle aged actors

Set: Simple. A table, a chair, a rope hung from the fly/ceiling/rafters, and some clutter in Jean and Myceneaus’ area.

Level of  Difficulty:  6/10 – achieving tension and maintaining it

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7.50 for this digital play script

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Copyright  2010  David McGinnis Off The Wall Play Publishers