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Ribbit – award winning comedy scripts

award winning comedy scripts


Like a lot of little girls, Jules Peters is all about princesses and fairy tales. Dreaming that one day she will find her very own Prince Charming, Jules starts kissing some frogs. One slight problem… Jules is not a little girl anymore… she’s seventeen. Even though Jules doesn’t see anything wrong with these frog make-out sessions, her grandmother’s about to snap. She brings Jules to a psychiatrist for help, but he’s got his own quirks, as does a mysterious seventeen-year-old boy who enters the picture. Can this amphibian amour be cured? More importantly, should it be? And why did Jules wait so long to finally start acting like a kid? Does it have anything to do with the complex Digital Age in which we live in? In Ribbit, a new award winning comedy script by Mark aloysius Kenneally, war is waged between fantasy and reality… pick a side.

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Author: Mark Aloysius Kenneally

Type: Two-act play script, award winning comedy scripts

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 3F 2M

Ages of the actors: Two teens M and F, one M 55 year old, one F 75 year old and 1 F live voice.

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: All ages

Set: High school teenager’s “kiddie” bedroom and a doctor’s office.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – zany comedy that builds to a climax

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