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Think before you Vote – South African play for schools

South African play for schools


All the girls at the local girl’s high school are excited to see who’ll be the next head girl and who’ll be a prefect.  There’s the girl who thinks it should be her. Obviously. And the girl who has recently turned over a new leaf and desperately wants to be elected but who has a troubled past. And then there’s the matter of race.  Some girls feel that because last year’s head girl was white, a girl of colour should get the vote this year.    Voting for the head girl starts today and it’s going to be tricky in this South African play for schools…

“Imagine if everyone voted objectively; not because they have a grudge, or because of skin colour, or something that happened in the past. But, instead, they all vote because of the good that the girl could do. They vote for the person who shows the most honesty, integrity, fairness and impartiality. Can you imagine? Then the teachers couldn’t ignore us, because we made a good, solid choice together. That would be cool.”

The pupils all vote for the girl they think are the best choice, but in the end, do the teachers get a say?


Brescia House School, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2019
Holy Rosary School, Edenvale, South Africa – 2020


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Author: Shannan Browne

Type: One act play

Genre: South African play for school. Comedy-drama

Cast:  10F

Ages of the actors: Teens

Suitable for: Teens but the whole family can watch

Length:  Twenty Minutes

Set: Play is set on the school break field. Directors can use either benches or outside tables and chairs slightly off centre stage to create different levels. A bin is required at one end of the stage. The tuck-shop and toilets are situated off stage. If no resources are available, then the stage can be a bare break field.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – this play is particular to South Africa

Read a Sample of the Script

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