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Behind the Nets – one act period drama

one act period drama


It is 1937. Sybil is worried as her husband, Norman, has been held overnight by the Police. Josie, her sister-in-law, calls to inquire why her brother isn’t at work at the bank.

When she finds Sybil doesn’t have the answer, she leaves to investigate what has happened to him. Soon after, Norman returns home, followed a little later by Josie.
What Norman and Josie explain to Sybil so outrages her, that she is tempted to do something that could affect all of their lives.


Bispham CastAways, Lancashire, UK – 2019

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre:  One act Period drama

Type:  One act play

Cast:  4 1M 3F

Ages of the actors:  All 30’s-40’s

Suitable for: PG 10 –  alludes to issues of homosexuality

Length: 20-25 minutes

Set:  Front room of a house in a London suburb in 1937

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – building the tension till the final climax

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