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Chicken Salad – one act drama for two women

one act drama for two women


Chicken Salad depicts a difficult confrontation between a woman and her mother following the woman’s husband’s funeral. People grieve in different ways. The bonds that exists in families is more fragile than people think, possibly because the deep bonds between family makes them assume that other family members think the same way they do. At the same time, when a wound is incurred, it goes a lot deeper. And it makes forgiveness a lot harder.

Chicken Salad was produced originally as part of the Source Washington Theatre Festival. It has been produced professionally by Tavern Stage (Washington DC) and the Potomac Theatre Company (Potomac MD), as well as at a community theater, Cedar Lane Stage (Bethesda, MD), by The Command Performers (UK) – 2018, at Mary Washington College (Staunton VA) and by Harding University, AZ, USA in 2020.
Friends University, KS, USA – 2022

Read about playwright Paul Donnelly. Other dramas (Survivors include) by Paul Donnelly.

Author: Paul Donnelly

Genre: Drama for two women

Type: One act play

Cast: 2F

Ages of the actors: Drama for one older woman and one young to early middle aged

Suitable for: Adults

Length: Twenty five to thirty minutes

Set: A small galley-type kitchen UR, a dining area C
and an entrance hallway UL. There is lots of counter space
between the kitchen and dining area. The furnishngs are
HUB/Marlow Dutch Colonial.

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 – challenging play for two women which should reflect the complexity of their mother daughter relationship.

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Family Exercise – short one act dramas

short one act dramas


This short one act play, written entirely in free verse is an excellent short festival play. It highlights a typical family at the moment when everyone in the family finds out a big secret – that ‘dad’ has been having an affair with his son’s school teacher and that they have an illegitimate three year old son together. It is told from the son’s perspective as the events unfold in front of him. The mother, father, daughter and her Pilot boyfriend are active participants in the son’s simply told story. Great example of short one act dramas.


Northwood High School, MD, USA – 2016
Frontier Academy, CO, USA – 2017

Author: Eldad Cohen

Type: One act play, one-act 1 act play

Genre: Family drama, short one act dramas

Number of actors: Five 5, 3M, 2F

Ages of the actors: 1M 1F middle aged, 1M twenties 20’s, 1F older teen, 1M boy 8-12

Suitable for: PG 10

Set: Minimal 3 chairs only

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – getting the audience to set the scene in their minds with minimal set

Read about author Eldad Cohen

Read a Sample of the Script

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