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No Years Eve – play about New Year’s Eve (and the world ending on it)

play about New year's eve


Christmas is over, and everyone is looking forward to the New Year, until the news breaks that there wasn’t going to be one. A jilted daughter, a nuclear physicist, a flower shop employee, a wayward priest and a thief all join Mr. and Mrs. Drummond for their final moments on earth. Emotions run high, secrets are confessed and love blooms in the face of annihilation.   What will they do when the time comes? And how will they pass the time until then in this play about New Years Eve?

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Production History:

Franklin and Friends on act play festival, Roosevelt Park, South Africa – March 2017
EADS one act play festival – Edenvale, South Africa – May 2017
Bispham CastAways, Lancashire, United Kingdom – 2020
Lyons Township High School – IL, USA – 2021
Marshfield Area Actors, WI, USA – 2022

Author: Dave Morgan

Genre: British Comedy, dramedy

Type: One act play, play about New year’s eve

Cast: 4M, 3F

Ages of the actors: Early twenties up to adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: Standard living room plus big working clock with easy to read pointers set for 11:30 at the start of the play (depending upon the timed dress rehearsal). A door, drinks cabinet, glasses, TV a flat screen from a computer of similar, cups, a tray and a lounge suite etc. Christmas tree, crackers and streamers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – keeping a level of tension going with everyday occurrences

Read a Sample of the Script

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