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The Call Centre – comedy sketch about insurance call centre

comedy sketch


In this fifteen minute comedy sketch, a very nervous and not all that bright trainee is being put their their training to prepare them for the big world of declining insurance claims. In fact, there doesn’t actually seem to be a situation in which the superbudget insurance company does approve a claim, as an unsuspecting client is about to find out…

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Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Genre: Comedy sketch, comedy skit, short comedy play

Type: One act play, comedy sketch

Length: Fifteen minutes

Cast: Three, 1-3M, 1-2F as two of the roles can be played by either sex.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: PG 12 (language, 1 sex reference)

Set: The stage is divided into two sections. One one side there is a desk with a chair behind it. On the desk is a telephone, a large file with a number of pages inside and a laptop. One the other side there is what remains of the caller’s home. It could be anything from a blank stage to some rubble lying around. The male caller needs a mobile (cell) phone.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – character driven piece


Art’s sake in Winter Park, FL, USA – 2019
Torquay Theatre Troupe, Australia – 2020

Watch the video of The Call Centre by the Torquay theatre Troupe, filmed during the covid 19 lockdown.

Read a Sample of the Script

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If God Ate Fried Chicken – Short Comedy Plays

short comedy scripts


If God Ate Fried Chicken is the story of Father Seacrest and Sister Blanche, secretly out on a date together to a chicken joint. Little do they know that fate has other plans for them, as uninvited outing guests begin showing up one after another, ending in the two of them hiding in the kitchen of the restaurant, and the police being called. By the end of it, all, it’s going to take a little divine intervention to keep things going even further south.

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Dedication: “This script is dedicated to the one-and-only Savanah Jillani, whose winding, farcical stories of her own homeschooling inspire much of the aesthetic of the work. While as far as I know she’s never accidentally held-up a fried chicken restaurant, it all does not seem too far off, however, a bit unlikely though, seeing as she’s a vegetarian.”


Lake Forest High School, IL, USA – 2017

Author:Timothy Starnes

Genre: Short Comedy Scripts

Type: One Act Plays

Length: Fifteen Minutes, 15 min.

Number of Actors: Eight minimum but more can be used

Ages of the actors: Some teenagers and up.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A counter at a typical fried chicken outlet

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – easy script – crowding onstage.

Read a Sample of The Script

Cost is $9.00 for this digital American  play script

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Copyright February 2014 Timothy Starnes and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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