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The Condition – one act dramedy scripts

one act drama scripts


In this art festival style play set in a park, Roger, the central character is constantly harassed by various members of the public, some of whom he knows and some of who he is meeting for the first time. Each character that joins Roger in this one act drama script, interacts with him in a way that allows Roger to reflect on his own life and who he is.  Many of the characters are humorous in their outlook on life, in contrast to Roger. As the play culminates with a twist, the audience will get to understand exactly why Roger is where he is and who the man inside is.

This one act drama play is ideal for festivals as it requires minimal set and is largely dependent on the skill of the actors.


Greensboro Fringe Festival in North Carolina – 2014
Sagewood College, Midrand, South Africa – 2017
Panorama Theatre, WA,USA – 2019

Author:  Alex Emerson Acuff

Type: Medium to long one act play – one act drama scripts

Genre: Dramedy

Length:  45 -55 minutes. Forty five minute long play script

Number of actors:  7, seven, 5M 4F ( one male is a child)

Ages of actors:  one middle aged to older man,

Set: minimal – a park bench

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – maintaining audience focus

The play must be produced unaltered from the original script.

Read a sample of the script

Cost is $6 for this one act dramedy play script

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Copyright  March 2013 Off the Wall Plays Alex Acuff



one act drama scripts





Chatter – a romantic comedy script + a case of mistaken identity.

comedy mask

romantic comedy script


When a couple, Albert and Aimee meet and fall in love in a chatroom, they get engaged and plan to get married.  It seems too good to be true. Only thing is… they haven’t actually met in real life. So when Albert flies out from the UK to meet his true love, and borrows his brother’s mobile phone, things take an hilarious turn when the wrong people end up meeting each other in this romantic comedy script!

Author: Anton Krueger

Characters: 4F, 2M

Type: One, 1 act

Genre: Romantic Comedy Script

Suitable for: All Ages

Set and difficulty: 7/10 Technically challenging. The play is accompanied by an animated backdrop which adds technological communication as another character. From the start, a chat-room text streaming across the back becomes “animated” in that the graphics embody and articulate emotion, tone and so on. At another
point, cell-phone calls zigzag across the space and SMS messages scoot through the ether; cartoonishly bouncing about the parameters of the stage before finding their destinations in
other phones. Occasionally these could even head out over the auditorium (if such a thing can be done) breaking through the fourth wall. Although it is not entirely impossible to imagine the play being performed without these technological elements, they may add an
element of spectacle to its delivery.

View a Sample of the Play

Cost: $7

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Copyright Anton Krueger 2008, Licensed by Dalro, South Africa.