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Anastasia Romanova – alternative history play about Russian Romanov dynasty

play about Russian Romanov dynasty


It is the final days of the rule of the Russian Romanov dynasty. Communism is taking hold and their power is growing. Against a backdrop of fake news and revolution, the grand duchess, Anastasia, plays a childish prank on her family, in which she swaps places with a scullery girl who looks like her. The game becomes serious when Anastasia masquerading as the servant is sent off to work in a factory while the family are murdered by the Communists.

Anastasia escapes from the factory and, helped by members of the clergy, after much hardship including prostitution, abortion and a mental breakdown survives in a broken down Germany and lives out her life there.  A romanticised tale that is still steeped in history, a tale of the last years of Anastasia Romanova. Play about Russian Romanov dynasty.

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Author: Pilar Pringiers Spinnox

Type: Two act play, play about Russian Romanov dynasty

Genre: Drama, alternative history – a “what if she had escaped?” play

Cast: It needs a big cast: 23 M and 14-15 F

Ages of the actors: Suitable for high school up

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A few scene changes but easily accomplished as many are set outdoors and other require the use of simple furnishings like chairs.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 Needs competent direction and actors. A good lighting operator will help set the mood in the various scenes.

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Deliverance – play about Joan of Arc

play about Joan of Arc


This play is a costume drama based on part of the life of Joan of Arc exploring the conflict between religious faith, skepticism, and religious bureaucracy with a little politics thrown in. It presents quite nicely the stress-induced myopia or shortsightedness of the rulers of a country when fortunes have turned against them, in this case battles lost against the English invaders.

The biography of Joan of Arc is generally well known, but the details of her life and exploits differ from one historian and chronicler to another. What? When? How? and, at times, Who? are matters which the experts have argued about for years.

The author has employed poetic licence to depict and at times exaggerate some of the incidents in Joan’s life, for instance her encounters with Baudricourt who did not have a wife named Melisende or a daughter called Maree or indeed a servant, Isabelle.

The other characters existed, apart from Stephen, James and Martin who are a figment of the author’s imagination and in this respect the same could be said for most of the business at Chinon, Charles de Poitiers acting as the Dauphin, Joan’s identification of the Dauphin and the other incidents and references to Poitiers and Orleans. The interweaving facts are merely based on accounts left to us by witnesses, and contemporary and subsequent chroniclers.

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Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Biography, historical drama

Type:Two-act play

Cast: 21M, 10F. Although there are 31 characters in this play an actual cast of 23 actors could be used by doubling

Ages of the actors: Various

Length: Two hours plus

Set:Various chambers in noble houses/castles

Level of difficulty: 7/10. The stage directions are very detailed so it is ideal for a less-experienced group to present. Some video and audio knowledge is required and the costumes may be expensive.

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Cost is $6 for this digital full length script

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