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Bad news, Pluto – comedy sketch for ten actors

comedy sketch for ten actors


It’s the annual planetary meeting and the planets are awaiting the arrival of Pluto, the ninth planet. Or at least until last week. Now Pluto has been reclassified and it’s their job to let him know that from this day forward Pluto will no longer be considered a real planet, merely a dwarf planet in this comedy sketch for ten actors.

But there are perks. After all, the dwarf planets get to hold their own dwarf planetary meeting, too. At a club. With beer and strippers. Maybe being a dwarf planet won’t be so bad after all…

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Author: Peter Keel

Type: Comedy sketch for ten actors

Genre: Comedy, skits, sketches

Cast: Ten – the main 8 planets can be any sex, but it is assumed that Ceres and Pluto are male.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adults – some suggestive comments and language

Length: Just under ten minutes

Set: A row of 9 chairs on a stage

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – short snappy lines – it’s all about delivery

Read a Sample of the Script

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