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John Paul Excluded from Paradise – a drama script about religion and faith

drama script about religion

JOHN PAUL EXCLUDED FROM PARADISE – a drama script about religion and faith


In this drama script about religion and faith, the Pope, John Paul who has died, approaches the pearly gates of Heaven accompanied by Michael. However, when he gets there, he is shocked to find that he is not allowed to pass through the gates by Peter.  When he asks why, all the questionable things he used his power to do are called into question, and that, despite his great faith, these actions have led to him being excluded from paradise.  This play brings up the question of faith, and belief and puts forward the point that, no matter how great your faith or how strongly you profess your faith, it is the work a person performs while they are alive that really count. It’s purpose is to get the audience thinking about the purpose and focus of faith, using the charismatic but controversial figure of  John Paul II as the catalyst.

The author will allow workshopping of the play.  Read more about playwright Mark Anthony

Author:  Mark Anthony

Genre: Religious drama

Type: Full length one act play

Length: One hour, 1 hour

Number of Actors:  Four,  3M, 1F

Ages of Actors:  One elderly, the others can be of any age

Suitable for : All ages

Set: Simple – a large desk and a chair

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – the play is basically a discussion and the challenge of the actors will be to keep the attention of the audience.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this digital play script

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