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Jump – one act drama about suicide

one act drama about suicide


A boy named Navii,  who doesn’t feel like a boy, draped in a pink dress on the verge of tears ascends a building and slowly steps towards the edge of it. However, he is interrupted from his “fate” by a man named London who has been living on the roof for years, contemplating every day whether to jump or not. London’s curiosity gets the better of him and Navii wants to find out more about this strange man living on top of the building. They slowly unravel the mystery of each other’s pasts, their minds and the true nature for their ascension all the while a quirky fellow with a box of popcorn watches them and a deadly supernatural presence is lurking all around.

Author: Ryan Naamdhew

Genre: Drama

Type: One act plays

Cast: Six to nine actors

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult. The play was written for high school students.

Suitable for: Teens up to watch and perform

Length: Forty minutes

Set: A rugged, worn-out couch lies at stage center, slightly skewed. A couple of boxes lay at stage right. A heap of clothes, newspapers and other miscellaneous objects are placed mainly at stage left but also sparsely scattered across various parts of the stage.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – play is almost surreal and that feeling should come across as well as the raw emotions that lead people to commit suicide

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The Chronicles of Jack – Contemporary South African plays

Contemporary South African plays


In Johannesburg, anything can happen, everything can change and everyone knows it. Jackson ‘’Jack’’ Makhubo, a 23 year old resident of the Eastern Cape decides that he will not be attending initiation school in the mountains and that he’ll instead be embarking on his studies in drama at a university in Johannesburg. Unfortunately his mother then throws him out of their family home making it possibly the last memory of home he ever has.

In The Chronicles of Jack a boy becomes a man in a way he did not expect when he is thrown into the chaos of modern Johannesburg’s university life. Jack is robbed, attends a ‘Fees Must Fall’ rally that has him subsequently expelled and discovers the true identity of his father, who has largely been absent from the boy’s life, all within the space of a week. It’s a harsh introduction to the city but as his best friend Fezi lamented before he left, ‘’It leaves room for Jack to be a better man. ’’

It’s either you get Johannesburg, or it gets you.

Author: Mbasa Tsetsana

Type: One act play in 12 scenes

Genre: Contemporary South African plays

Cast: Mains: 2M 2F, total cast: 8M, 2F. The other roles are to be played by the chorus members of the cast.

Ages of the actors: 18 to adult

Suitable for: Older teens/adults up to perform and all ages to watch

Length: 75 – 90 minutes

Set: Various – The Eastern Cape, The University. It is at the director’s discretion and can easily be performed in a black box theatre setting.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – A longer play without an interval needs to keep the audience riveted

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