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Tranquility Disturbed – two act comedy drama scripts

two act comedy drama

two-act comedy drama scripts


In this interesting script that can be played either as a drama, a comedy or a mixture of both, Barbara, an eighty nine year old woman who is dying, is now living with her daughter, son in law and teenage granddaughter. Barbara is very old and is beginning to show signs of dementia. Stewart has lost his job and is stuck at home having to look after Barbara. Lindsey, his wife is frazzled and frustrated and also desperately worried about her mother.

The family is desperate to find a solution to the huge mountain of debt that they have found themselves in since Stewart lost his job. Tensions run high and having to care for Barbara seems to just make Stewart’s life more stressful than ever.

Author Mark McQuown is a produced award winning screenwriter.


Tarleton State University, USA – 2016


Author: Mark McQuown

Genre: Comedy Drama scripts

Type: Two act play

Ages of the actors: One older F, M and F 40’s-50’s, teenage F.

Suitable for: PG 10 -language

Set: The set is a stylized version of Lindsay and Stewart’s home which mainly consists of a higher, middle platform with a dining room table and chairs and two smaller, lower platforms which are Lindsay’s sewing room and Stewart’s writing room.
Stewart’s writing room has a couch a chair and small computer table with computer.
Lindsay’s sewing room is mainly a mess of costumes and costume pieces on a bed.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – because the play can be played as either funny, serious or a mix of both, differentiating genres and playing to the audience can be interesting.

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Copyright February 2014 Mark McQuown and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Early Liberty – two act drama plays

two act drama plays


“Life is about paying attention to the right things,” but what happens when the people and places you consider safe aren’t? What is “safe” and who spells “Home”?

When Mark Haywood follows the beacon into Lighthouse Cove nothing is what it seems. But if Mark’s world is falling apart—despite increasingly-frantic efforts to keep it together, then the hotel proprietor and his family need a special kind of rescue from each other. Just what will it take for Selma to grow up and for Mark to wake up? Can these dueling opposites save the hotel and find a way to be together? Set in 1985 on the Atlantic shore, Early Liberty explores the limits and boundlessness of love and hope, and the darker side of what it means to dream.

Early Liberty is a play about false fronts and true love, about crossed wires and yardsticks we never measure up to.  This dramatic love story is especially relevant now, especially as regards women’s status, and the parallels between the idealized Reagan Era and the “world as it is today” to reveal that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Early Liberty was produced at Texas State University (Lab Theatre) January 31-February 3, 2013.The play has already been workshopped but the author is open to minor changes, authorized in writing. Read more about playwright Rita Anderson

Rita and Early Liberty have both been recently featured  as the cover story in Baring Her Soul for a living – Hill Country View.

Author: Rita Anderson

Genre: Drama, two-act drama

Type: Full length drama plays

Number of Actors:   4M, 4F

Ages of the actors: All adult, 20s-60s.

Set: An out-of-date hotel in Norfolk with a nautical theme.  First day of Spring.

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – much of the play is carried by a conversation between two people.

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Cost is $10 for this previously produced and best selling play in digital format.

Cost is $15 for this play in printed format.

(Delivery time is approximately seven to ten working days. If you require the script faster we can get it to you, please let us know.)

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Copyright January  2012 Rita Anderson and licensed by Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

comedy play about marriage

buy a musical for middle school online


In this South African Christmas Play, Santa is forced to take a holiday in October by his doctor, who says the stress of being Santa is putting him at risk for a heart attack.  Santa and his wife decide to go to camping in South Africa for their holiday and drink some wine and have fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, Santa is kidnapped and held for ransom by the Tokoloshe, who keeps him in his shack until he gets the ransom. Mrs Claus cannot afford the ransom, and appeals to the embassy of the North Pole to pay it, but it isn’t their policy to pay ransoms or negotiate with kidnappers!

Time passes and Christmas eve approaches. At the North pole,  the elves and other fairytale characters are in a flat panic. In desperation they appeal to Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to deliver the presents. Unfortunately they don’t drive and will have to deliver the presents on foot…

Author: Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox

Genre: Christmas play – full length play

Type: Two act play

Suitable for : All ages

Number of actors: Thirty two  32 – ideal for a school production

Ages of the characters/actors: Young to old but can be played by any age with makeup

Level of difficulty:  7/10 –  quite wordy

Set:  There are a number of different scenes but most can be accomplished with two simple backdrops – one for the South African scenes and the other for the North pole scenes and the odd furnishings to represent their current location.

Note: Some pop songs are incorporated in the script. The license to perform these songs may need to be acquired separately. Otherwise they can be substituted at the director’s discretion.

More about playwright Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox.  Other plays by Pillar

Read a Sample of the Script

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Cost is $6.50 for this South African Christmas Play. Just click Shakespeare!

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Copyright July 2013 Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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