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In modern day Beverly Hills, high powered Talent and Literary agent Elgin Scroge goes about his daily business running the shop with his one employee, Bob Cricket. It is the Christmas season of the year and Bob wants to leave early so he can buy Christmas presents for his family and Elgin finally lets him go with comments about how Elgin is left again to run the business.

The day turns to night and Elgin, who lives in his agency, pulls out the Murphy bed and prepares to go to sleep. In the middle of the night he is wakened by sounds from the Spirit of Christmas past played by a puppet. The spirit takes Elgin back in time and allows him to see how the past has formed his present situation.

The play follows the Dickens story with the Spirit of Christmas present and Christmas future, both puppets, bringing Elgin’s life to a full circle and making him realize that he has not been the man he thought he was. The play is an updated version of, A Christmas Carol, including most of the cast from the original story.

Mark Mcquown is an award winning playwright and screenplay writer.

Author: Mark Mcquown

Genre: Christmas Play

Type: Long one act play.

Length: 90 Minutes. 1.5 hours

Ages of actors:  Aged 11 and up to old age

Number of Actors:  Twelve (12) as a minimum to Thirty Two (32)  maximum. Some actors can play a no of smaller parts

Suitable for : All ages

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – technical aspects with the ghosts and projecting scenes filmed previously on a big screen.

Set: Two main – an office cum bedroom – the main character lives in his office. The second is the Cricket household.

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Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

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In this South African Christmas Play, Santa is forced to take a holiday in October by his doctor, who says the stress of being Santa is putting him at risk for a heart attack.  Santa and his wife decide to go to camping in South Africa for their holiday and drink some wine and have fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, Santa is kidnapped and held for ransom by the Tokoloshe, who keeps him in his shack until he gets the ransom. Mrs Claus cannot afford the ransom, and appeals to the embassy of the North Pole to pay it, but it isn’t their policy to pay ransoms or negotiate with kidnappers!

Time passes and Christmas eve approaches. At the North pole,  the elves and other fairytale characters are in a flat panic. In desperation they appeal to Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to deliver the presents. Unfortunately they don’t drive and will have to deliver the presents on foot…

Author: Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox

Genre: Christmas play – full length play

Type: Two act play

Suitable for : All ages

Number of actors: Thirty two  32 – ideal for a school production

Ages of the characters/actors: Young to old but can be played by any age with makeup

Level of difficulty:  7/10 –  quite wordy

Set:  There are a number of different scenes but most can be accomplished with two simple backdrops – one for the South African scenes and the other for the North pole scenes and the odd furnishings to represent their current location.

Note: Some pop songs are incorporated in the script. The license to perform these songs may need to be acquired separately. Otherwise they can be substituted at the director’s discretion.

More about playwright Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox.  Other plays by Pillar

Read a Sample of the Script

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Cost is $6.50 for this South African Christmas Play. Just click Shakespeare!

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