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Tumbleweed – a Comedy Play set in the Wild West

comedy play set in the wild west


Tumbleweed tells the story of love, family, betrayal and murder in North West America. There’s a new sheriff in town and he may just be what the town of Bannack, Montana needs and desperately so. The outlaws, namely ‘The Innocents’ have one motive: gold. The gold is to be found, according to the ‘prophetic’ Chief Raging Bear, whose daughter has been kidnapped by ‘The Innocents’, on a creek and the outlaws will stop at nothing to get that land in this play set in the wild west.

When the previous sheriff is murdered amongst other townspeople by ‘The Innocents’, Calvin saves the life of the previous sheriff’s daughter, Jessie, in the nick of time. He is consequently shoved into the position of sheriff and begins work, together with the help of the Bannack’s best (and sometimes worst) on bringing ‘The Innocents’ to justice.

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River Valley Players Association, AB, Canada – 2019


Author: Brent Holland

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Comedy play set in the Wild West

Cast: 9M, 10F

Ages of the actors: The play was written for a teen cast but can be played by adults as well

Suitable for: Teens up to perform and can be watched by everyone

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A Town in Montana in the time of the Wild West

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – large cast, crowd control

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Check Off in the Sun – family drama script


family drama script

Victoria is terminally ill. She arranges for a villa in the southwest and has her closest friends and family join her for what is assumed to be a final meeting among them. Two generations attend. It is a farewell but none can figure out how to say farewell. Each comes with a personal history, each with a personal need to assert what Victoria means to him or her, the part she played in his or her life, and even expectations for what Victoria should feel about them. Least of all can they figure out how to handle the impending death.

Traditional arguments among them resume, but now highly tense in the context of a life viewed as an entirety. Each questions his or her own and each other’s accomplishments to the extent their personalities permit. Each questions even more the roles others played in Victoria’s life. And Victoria concludes they came for no reason but to check her off. She herself is not sure why she called them.

There is a frightening police marijuana raid and a steak missing at the dinner table; but they learn how to give comfort and some about life and death, their own as well as Victoria’s.

This play has been previously workshopped. Read about playwright Leonard Goodisman. Comedies by Leonard.

Author: Leonard Goodisman

Genre: Family drama script

Type: Two-act drama script

Cast: 4M, 5F

Length: 120 minutes

Ages of the actors: One teen, rest twenties to late fifties.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Minimum. No lighting changes.A table, a chair or two, some suitcases, paper documents.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – building tension and climax

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