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Stone Cold Sober – a monologue for a young actor

monologue for a young actor


A one page monologue for a young actor about how it is to grow up with a father who is an alcoholic and continually going in and out of rehab all the time. The father is now seriously ill because of his drinking and this monologue is the final plea from a daughter to a father to stay sober, just so that they can have a little more time together. A great monologue that, although written with a female in mind could be used by either a male or female actor as a short audition piece for drama school or college.

An original monologue from Macee’s latest play “Stone Cold Sober” was selected by Smith and Kraus Publishing for print in their annual anthology series: “The Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2017.

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Author: Macee Binns

Type: Dramatic monologue for a young actor

Genre: Drama

Cast: 1M/F

Age of the actor: Anyone younger than thirty

Length: Two minutes

Suitable for: All ages to watch

Set: Black box set, at director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – be careful about being over dramatic as this monologue would be more powerful delivered simply

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Stuffed Panda – a monologue about alcoholism

monologue about alcoholism


A monologue about alcoholism for a single male or female actor. Riley is waiting in line and notices a father and daughter in the line in front. The father is being all goofy and the daughter is at that stage where she’s just totally embarrassed to even have her father with her. He secretly takes a panda and hides it behind his back as she tries to see what he’s doing.

They leave with the panda and Riley decides to call her/his dad. He answers but soon falls down and Riley realises it’s not the first time he’s fallen down, too drunk to stand, and that Riley was never that child with the panda and never would be.

A sad monologue about growing up with a parent who is an alcoholic.

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Independent production, Naples, FL, USA – 2018

Author: Macee Binns

Type: Monologue

Genre: Monologue about alcoholism

Cast: 1M/1F

Ages of the actors: Late teen to middle aged

Suitable for: Teen to middle aged actors

Length: 3-4 minutes

Set: Black box stage

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – the ability to tell a rehearsed speech simply as if it was the first time.

Read a Sample of the Script

Note: The script is in total 1.5 pages long

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