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Christmas in Cape Coral – Play for the Holidays

play for the holidays


Alan Rogers discovers, on Christmas Eve that he is the father of a precocious ten year old girl, from an affair he had with a married woman. While visiting Cape Coral, Florida, he plans to win over the still married Mary Warner and have her and his daughter to return to New York City to become the family they are supposed to be. However, Mary is very much married to her husband, John who has raised her daughter, Tina as part of his family despite knowing Tina is another man’s child. John is a businessman who travels a lot and this obviously leads to some friction in their home. Throw an old flame with paternal rights into the mix and what do you get? This “Christmas in Cape Coral!” A family play for the holidays.

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Author: Carl Megill

Type: Three act play

Genre: Romantic Comedy, play for the holidays

Cast: 3F, 2M

Ages of the actors: Three adults in their thirties, one ten year old, and one older F who plays the mother.

Suitable for: All ages to watch and a mixed age range cast to perform

Length: 100 minutes

Set: The home of JOHN and MARY WARNER in Cape Coral, Florida. It is modestly furnished with a sofa center stage, an end table to the left and a coffee table in front of it. The kitchen is to the right with a bar separating the two rooms. Along the back is the door to the outside. In the left downstage area is a decorated Christmas tree. Behind the living room wall is a hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – Three act play – character driven. The focus of the audience needs to be kept by their interest in the characters and what happens next.

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A Contemporary Christmas Carol – Christmas plays

Christmas plays


In modern day Beverly Hills, high powered Talent and Literary agent Elgin Scroge goes about his daily business running the shop with his one employee, Bob Cricket. It is the Christmas season of the year and Bob wants to leave early so he can buy Christmas presents for his family and Elgin finally lets him go with comments about how Elgin is left again to run the business.

The day turns to night and Elgin, who lives in his agency, pulls out the Murphy bed and prepares to go to sleep. In the middle of the night he is wakened by sounds from the Spirit of Christmas past played by a puppet. The spirit takes Elgin back in time and allows him to see how the past has formed his present situation.

The play follows the Dickens story with the Spirit of Christmas present and Christmas future, both puppets, bringing Elgin’s life to a full circle and making him realize that he has not been the man he thought he was. The play is an updated version of, A Christmas Carol, including most of the cast from the original story.

Mark Mcquown is an award winning playwright and screenplay writer.

Author: Mark Mcquown

Genre: Christmas Play

Type: Long one act play.

Length: 90 Minutes. 1.5 hours

Ages of actors:  Aged 11 and up to old age

Number of Actors:  Twelve (12) as a minimum to Thirty Two (32)  maximum. Some actors can play a no of smaller parts

Suitable for : All ages

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – technical aspects with the ghosts and projecting scenes filmed previously on a big screen.

Set: Two main – an office cum bedroom – the main character lives in his office. The second is the Cricket household.

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