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Cuckold – ten minute period play script

ten minute period play script


In eighteenth century England, CUCKOLD is a scandalous romp that surrounds a playwright, his muse, and her hapless husband.

One flew over the cuckold’s nest. He flew over, was seen by the Cuckold and invited to enjoy the most prized piece of his household for the sanctity of the creative pursuit. In Cuckold  we are given an opportunity to observe a one of a kind domestic ‘agreement’. Simply put, the Cuckold agrees to his wife’s adultery as it aids in the flow of a certain playwright’s artistic, uh, juices in this ten minute period play script.

Pray take heed; the lady knows not what she does. Yet… the Cuckold and the playwright have been brought together for some or other plight. By surety, anonymity, complacency and zero propriety can art be well made and when sealed with a kiss, oh, the possibilities are endless…even when the kiss is shared by the unlikeliest pair!

This short was runner-up at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s One Act Competition.

Author: Wesley Taylor

Genre: Saucy ten minute period play script!

Type: Ten minute play, one act play

Cast: 2M, 1F

Length: Ten minutes

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adult only – sex.

Set: The bedroom of a poet, with a writing desk

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the language  of eighteenth century England correct

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Copyright © October 2016 Wesley Taylor and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Is this seat taken – Award Winning British one act script

British one act script


“Acting is attracting” (as said by Jack McFarland) is a statement that Laura and Will believe is their only shot at rekindling the dead flame of what used to be their marriage in this British one act script.

After fourteen years of trying to make it work, Will suggests role playing which Laura agrees to only because she loves him. After all, without the element of love at the centre of the effort they have both made to stay together, Will and Laura would have nothing.

Coincidentally, or maybe not by coincidence at all, in their eventful (and somewhat disastrous) night of role playing they encounter an unmarried couple doing the same thing. Through their meeting with Andy and Carrie, Laura and Will are faced with the reality that
there may very well be one right way to role play (or be married?) and their way might not be it. The odds become favourable for the married couple when the unmarried couple’s experienced role playing backfires randomly, teaching Will and Laura the most valuable lesson of all: you cannot build on anything which was built on nothing to begin with.

‘Is This Seat Taken?’ won Best New Play at the 2015 Welwyn Drama Festival.


Service Players, Isle of Man,  UK, 2017
Infinite Imagination, Alberta, Canada – 2017
Bacstage Drama Group, Cambridgeshire, UK – 2017
Boca Ciega High School, FL, USA – 2018
Witenberg University, OH, USA – 2018
University of North Alabama, AL, USA – 2019
Bunbury Repertory Club – WA, Australia – 2019


Author: Sean Baker

Genre: Romance

Type: British one act script

Cast: 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: Adult actors

Suitable for: Adults

Length: 40 minutes

Set: A hotel bar, with tables and bar stools

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning script

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Copyright © April 2016 Sean Baker and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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