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Choice – Hard hitting British drama scripts

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Choice is a hard hitting British drama script involving a woman, a man and a small boy.  It takes the audience on a journey from what appears to be a man’s sexual fantasy, to a child’s disappointment at his dad not being home to a far more sinister conclusion involving both sex and violence.

Choice has been performed in Swindon and London and is about to embark on a short tour.
It is a very hard hitting piece that deals with events that come from an Operation Yewtree like event. It has so far been compared to good old fashioned “in yer face” theatre and the likes of Sarah Kane.

Review:  “It’s the quick, yet so natural switch that Peter Hynds makes between the icy killer and the innocent little boy that sends us back to the beginning and makes us wonder if we’d made the right assumptions. An infectious purity prevents the play from following a predictable path and it’s from such small, well observed details that it springs from: the way the little boy wears his jacket, half-hanging on his shoulders, the way he struggles to put his gloves on, the quiet disappointment in his face as his dad fails to make it at home again. And a mother who, as time passes, loses her patient affection towards him.

But before you have time to make up your mind, you find yourself in a deja-vu moment, as the beginning rolls before your eyes once more. Yet … it’s not the same. It’s the true version of what turns out to be an unfulfilled wish, a dream that had been agonizing in that cold silence.

You finally understand. And you feel utterly ashamed of making the wrong suppositions earlier.”

Playwright: Peter Hynds

Genre: British drama scripts

Type: One act play

Length: Thirty minutes

Number of actors: Three, 2M 1F

Ages of the actors:  2 adult, 1 child

Suitable for: Adults only

Set: Scene 1+5: A grubby looking room. There is a TV behind her. One chair is in the centre of the room. Scene 2-4 – there should be toys on the floor and a phone, otherwise at the director’s discretion.

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 – repeating the same scene over again but altering it subtly can be challenging

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this previously produced stage play

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