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Leonardo – a Murder Mystery play set around Leonardo da Vinci

murder mystery play


The time: The late 1400’s. The place: Renaissance Italy. Leonardo da Vinci, already a notable artist and inventor is called upon by one of his clients, Mona Lisa to solve the mystery of the mysterious illness and subsequent death of a her sister who is nun in the covent of San Domenico.  Rumours of her being with an illegitimate child abound, but also the presence of an unusual book, containing content that may not have been sanctioned by the church is found in her belongings.

Leonardo must solve the mystery of first of all how she died, and secondly, who killed her. Using a combination of wits, alchemy and good old fashioned detective work he unearths the mystery surrounding her death and perhaps that of Christ himself.


Landstown High School Theatre, VA, USA – 2019

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Author: Pilar Pringiers Spinnox

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Murder mystery script

Cast: 8M,8F, 1N  (uo to sc 8 incl mother superior)

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: PG 12 (odd reference to sex)

Length: Seventy five minutes

Set: Various: Leonardo’s studio, a market, a bar and various rooms in an Abbey, a church, a cloister and a library

Level of difficulty: 7/10 A complex piece, perfect for Drama departments. On the surface, a simple detective plot with overtones of CSI, Bones and Sherlock but contains a lot of subtext. In addition, the play uses dancers to express the emotion of the scenes and sometimes a choir is used for the same purpose. The director’s challenge is to synchronise the players with the dancers and the music. Permission of the playwright may be sought to omit the dancing and live music if need be.

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All in the past – murder mystery play scripts

murder mystery play scripts

murder mystery play scripts


All in the Past is a murder mystery set in 1934 Shanghai. Vera is a White Russian expatriate turned con-artist whose latest scheme is a psychic business she runs with her landlady, Lily. She is approached by a customer with a proposition to find a woman from his past, who he believes is currently in Shanghai. Vera takes the offer but soon learns that this proposition entails more than a paycheck when the missing woman is found murdered in the home of Vera’s ex-boyfriend. She then embarks on an investigation that forces her to confront demons from the victim’s past as well as her own in order to solve the mystery and exonerate an innocent man.


NYU Shanghai’s Theatre Club, Shanghai, China – 2018

Author: Lauren Ennis

Genre: Murder mystery play scripts, whodunit

Type: Two act, 2 act  play

Cast:  11-12, 7F, 5M (small parts may be doubled)

Ages of the actors:  20’s up. The leads are in their thirties but can be 40’s as well.

Length: Two hours

Suitable for:  Pg 12 (violence)

Set: Various – various apartments, offices, backstage at a club

Level of difficulty: Building the tension 7/10

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