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A Castle: Broken Apart – one act drama for three actors

ten minute drama for three


In this one act drama for three actors, Rebecca and Lana live with their father, Isaac, who isn’t the easiest person to live with. So much so, that Rebecca has decided to leave home and move in with her boyfriend. She offers to take her sister, Lana with her. Lana is torn between going with Rebecca and finally living a life she dreams of and her loyalty to her father, who basically can’t really fend for himself. However, his generally unpleasant nature as well as his refusal to admit that their mother isn’t coming back home anytime soon proves more tempting than her father realizes and the reality that his wife and both his daughters are soon going to be gone is a hard pill to swallow.

Other dramas by author James Hanson (The things that happen in New York)

Author: James Hanson

Genre: Short drama

Type: One Act Play

Cast: 1M, 2F

Ages of the actors: One older M, two F young adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Twenty five minutes

Set: The living room. The evening.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization.

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Meeting Meryl – Short comedy plays – theatre of the absurd

short comedy plays


Once upon a time, there lived a typical self obsessed family – dad, Jim, now dead, Barbara, the mother, slightly alcoholic and Emma,  their daughter, obsessed with film stars, and especially Meryl Streep, to the extent that she has gone into acting herself.   A terrifying audition for Emma looms in the future, for a part in the latest Meryl Streep production. However, Emma is so frightened of the idea that she has made up her mind not to go.   In this one act comedy,  Emma is surprised by her dad, Jim’s apparent return from the dead on their living room couch.  Jim’s purpose in returning from the dead is to get her to actually go to that audition. Linda, an invisible angel also joins forces with the other characters. In the end, one sees that, despite their glaring self obsessive behavior, they care about Emma’s future happiness.

Read more about author Jim Curtis.

Author: Jim Curtis

Genre: Short Comedy Plays, theatre of the absurd

Type: One act play

Length: Fifteen to twenty minutes

Number of Actors:  Five,  2M, 3F

Ages of the actors:  Two in their twenties,  one thirties to forties F,  one middle aged to older couple

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The living room of a typical upper middle class house

Level of Difficulty: The script appears nonsensical – making it understandable for the audience

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Naked – a One Act Romantic Comedy Play about the Pitfalls of Internet Dating

one act romantic comedy

pg 18 plays

NAKED – One act romantic comedy Play about the Pitfalls of Internet Dating!

Once upon a time two people met on the internet. Only… they really wanted to impress each other…and so…they embellished… a little. And then they met at a coffee shop. This is the play about meeting that special someone you haven’t quite told the whole truth to.  A nice two-hander, one act festival play for stage.

‘Naked’ won best runner up play in the Franklin Players festival of one act plays in April 2012 as well as best actor and best set.

Production History

Franklin and Friends Festival, Roosevelt Park, South Africa 2012
EADS festival, Edenvale, South Africa, 2012
Pine Tree Players, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, 2016
Sturgis Area Arts Council, SD, USA – 2017
Black Box Theater, Las Positas College, CA, USA – 2018
Village Green theatre co, Queensland, Australia – 2018
River Valley Players Association, AB, Canada – 2019
Dew Drop Inn, Little Theatre, Co. Kildare, Ireland – 2019
TC Williams High School, VA, USA – 2019

Author: Morley Shulman

Characters: 1M, 1F

Genre: One act Romantic Comedy play

Suitable For: PG 14

Ages of Actors: Late 20’s up

Type: One Act Festival Play

Length: 20 Minutes

Set: Simple – a coffee shop

Read more about playwright Morley Shulman. Other full length comedies by Morley Shulman. Other one act dramas by Morley Shulman.

View a Sample of the Script

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