Jack Forrestor, Harvest Grain Sales Rep, is on trial for being a Christian. He is found guilty when Mr Dedmon, the malicious Prosecuting Attorney, examines the testimony of six witnesses. Yet things are not as they seem – far from it.

The author will allow workshopping of the play.

Author: Barbara Tuttle

Genre: Christian Play

Type: Christian One act Plays

Cast:  10, Ten. 8M 2F

Ages of Actors: Adult

Suitable for: All Ages

Length:  30 minutes, half an hour

Set: A Courtroom.  Props: gavel, Judge’s podium with nameplate, chair for Judge, chair labeled “Accused,” chair labeled “Witness ,”1 or 2 benches for witnesses, handcuffs, inheritance paper.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 The characters are easy to play

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Copyright November 2013 Barbara Tuttle and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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