Pigcat – Award Winning Two Act Drama Play for Four Actors


In this award winning two-act drama, Freddy, a young teenager, struggles with the fact that his mother abandoned him, leaving him with her abusive partner


Award winning two-act drama


In this award winning two-act drama, Freddy, a young teenage boy, struggles with the fact that his mother abandoned him a year ago and left him with her alcoholic and abusive partner, Vic. Vic, who has an older son, Bobby, makes no secret of the fact that Freddy’s mother abandoned him and that Freddy is entirely dependent on Vic for his living.

Freddy escapes into his imagination, in which he is a fierce character, Pigcat, who is bigger and stronger then Freddy will ever be. He is aided by the character Willyboar, who appears in his dreams when Freddy needs his mother the most.

But all is not as it seems with his mother’s disappearance as Freddy finds out as this drama comes to a climax in this chilling play.

Performance Accolades:
‘Pigcat’ won the Holland New Voices Award at the Great Plains
Theater Conference in 2010. It also won a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant in 2009.

Performance History:
Zurich International School, Switzerland, 2015

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Author: Steven Bogart

Genre: Drama

Type: Two act drama plays

Cast: Four 3M, 1F

Ages of the Actors: Two – 1M 1F in their 30’s-40’s and two 2M in their teens, one late teens, one early teens

Suitable for: Adults

Length: One and a half hours, 90 min, ninety minutes

Set: The backyard of a small house in need of serious attention with an old shed and a rusted old pick-up truck. A couple of old chairs, an old beat up sofa, a grill resting on the side of the house, a clothesline with the hide of a wild boar. Some crates tossed carelessly around the yard.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – the youngest actor is the main part and should be played by a strong young actor.

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