Flat – Two-Act Drama Play about Conspiracy Theories


In this play about conspiracy theories, Andy, drawn down the path of conspiracy theories descends into mental illness, affecting his friends and family.

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drama about conspiracy theories


Andy’s losing it. Not in the way that most college students tend to, no. This is serious. In two acts we are introduced to the mind of a young adult on the cusp of a mental break in this play about conspiracy theories. Breakthrough or breakdown? You decide. In Flat, a drama in two acts, Damon’s roomie no longer contributes to rent or the dorm in any way. To say Damon has had enough is an understatement.

Jess, Andy’s girlfriend feels the disconnection between herself and her boyfriend growing larger everyday. The more she tries to close the gap the more he extends it with what she believes are delusional ideas. Andy will argue that paying rent is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and that his beliefs are just as valid as Jess’.

Nobody, including his own mother can get through to him.  Andy finds himself gravitating to Ted, a considerably older fellow believer in conspiracy theories. In this drama, mental health is examined in an honest and uncomfortable way from the people who suffer from it outside of the person in question.

Suspending belief.  In belief itself.

Other plays by American playwright Alex Acuff – The Condition – a dramedy about a mental health.

Author: Alex Acuff

Type: Two-Act Play

Genre: Drama play about conspiracy theories

Cast: Main Characters 2 M, 1 F, Total cast 3M 2F 

Ages of the actors: Three young adults and two forties up. 

Suitable for: Older teens to adults to perform and watch

Length: Sixty to Seventy five Minutes

Set: A living room. There are pictures on the wall of various things involving pop culture. JESS and DAMON sit on a couch. ANDY sits in his chair.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – showing the decline from conspiracy theorist into mental illness

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