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A young couple, whose church recently burned down under ‘mysterious circumstances,’ are desperately looking for a venue for their wedding which is in two days time. The only venue that seems to be completely open is the local church of Satan. But they do have their reservations. The marble floors are lovely (but maybe that’s because it’s easier to clean the blood off) and the priest seems quite affable (but then there’s the goat…) A religious satire play for those who like to see the funny side of society’s norms and values.

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Author: Leon H. Kaye

Genre: Religious satire script, short religious comedy

Type: Ten minute one act play

Cast: Three 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: 1M 1F in their twenties to forties and one older male

Suitable for: PG 12

Length: Ten minutes

Set: An office with a desk and chairs and an exit/door

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – a fun to do script that speaks for itself

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Copyright June 2104 Leon H. Kaye and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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